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Thursday, January 05, 2006


you have to go back in time. i will change the date on the next 2.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

well, seeing others do it. i will plug a great CD i just got.
Andrew Bird & the mysterious production of eggs

i love it. so odd.

i find it strange that there was a push to get rid of couch sherman of the packers(gee, i think he's the problem)
but sheeple didn't see the trouble in america and iWaq and think, i think it's the guys in charge, i think we need a new coach.

we really need a new coach people.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

one less Bush week to go
one less crappy Bush week to go
warrents? georgie don't need warrents
abramoff pleads and squeals
one less Bush week to go.

ebay ebay ebay!

well,i had a neato sale.i got my most favorite potato smoosher at same sale too. but i got a small OLD Pfueger Fish Hook hande-pak at the sale for 25¢. listed it a week ago. last night it was still 99¢.
opened the listing e-mail from ebay. $10.01. dang. i gotta do less hoarding.

is today tues?


in this weeks walgreens ad, there is a sale on 'decorative' Xmas tree bags. as we do not have snow but rain, dead trees have showed up at the curb. WHY DO YOU PUT A TREE IN A PLASTIC BAG??? we compost them here.
god forbid you get needles on the street.

Monday, January 02, 2006

my oh my. 3 calls from keith.

i am sending him big letter and sugar cookies. way to a man's heart and all. shame i tried brown sugar in them. not as good. oh well.

oh, and i can forget posting pics in the near future. mozilla and safari only do OS X.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

well, i got the idea as i was writing keith. had a very long talk tonight. had to talk him out of a little mood. partially my fault. but but but keith, well, i have to send him something in next letter, BUT, maybe he ponders the big fat letter that he FINALLY got.

and i did give him a time. january. gotta be in january. oy, i do miss just sleeping with that huge man. amazing, he wears 34"x38"! shit, i wear 31x32 men's levis. but he likes my ass, so i won't feel fat. and and and if cindy crawford can have cottage cheese, so can i!
oh, also miss his cat. and the tree in his yard. 90's house, but the tree is ancient.
and since i go barefoot all the time(90% at least), i have very nice feet. so, i was very pleased that he did not have icky feet. narrow and not too big! but he does have big hands. but nice fingers. just large.

wow. he really likes me. sally, i know how you felt.

and titanic is playing on cable again. what a fucking absurd movie. oscar???
never will i care again.
what? how did that come up?

actually, the popes didn't like anything or anyone who didn't cow to him all though these years.
i found other sects, shit, the pope at the time REALLY didn't like St. Francsis of assissi. damn popes seemed to pop up everywhere in my F EB too. oh, can't wait til i hit either catholic or pope.

but why i am here-

four years of Bushit to go
four year of Bushit to goooooo
WHAT? you call that an election???
oh my god, look at the new orleans destruction
FOUR years of Bushit to go

yeah yeah. i didn't time it right. but i only just got the idea.

THREE years of Bushit to go
THREE years of Bushit to GOOOOOOooooo
will we have more fitzmas?
abramof too? before elections?
THREE years of Bushit to go(maybe less)

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