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Saturday, December 31, 2005

no squirrel menace farmer, but i am keeping an eye on the repaired hole.
who knows what the new batch of 06' will do. but we do live between 2 busy streets.

i checked the EB, the ALBIGENUS(sp) was around 1100-1200. and the pope was able to extinguish them. by killing them mainly.

Friday, December 30, 2005

EB stuff

as i said elsewhere, last night in the EB i read about an anti-catholic, anti-pope sect. i think it was in italy or france. around 1100-1300. of course with the inquisition and the power that the popes had back then, they were of course persecuted and extinguished. ahh. so christlike!

HA! like georgie and his ilk. but southern evangelical, not catholic. the catholics have found other ways to persecute their people.

the remaining 3 squirrels behaved themseves. well, except for squirrely behavior.

dang farmer. i HAD it set to compose-yes. something else must be set wrong.

will check settings again.

and , um,....possums are sort of cute, if you look past their nose and tail. the pink toes are rather odd too.

but i wouldn't eat a possum either, too disturbing.
and no, i do not eat seafood either.
or eggs.

damn. i don't have a compose option.

nope. i don't have any of those things when i got to blogger. i will look and see if i have a 'how to post pics' thingie, but i tried every page last night, looking for something blue or polaroidish.

and dammit! i don't eat cute! no lamb, no veal.
even though i am fond of chickens ala knick knacks. mmmmm, chicken. wisconsin kills enough wildlife.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

see what i am saying? it's a squirrel menace! we must get them out of ameriKa, or nobody will be safe from the terror squirrels. i already have seen a carnivorous chippie. god forbid squirrel develope a taste for humans!

no little blue box.

and when i tried to configure it through blogger, i got a security problem, couldn't sign up/download hello. or whatever the set-up is.
THIS is why i am a luddite. fucking anal puters.

but is it a apple issue, or blogger?

fooey. trying to do photos, but stymied. mac or blog issue? luddite no know.

indeed. but if you do get in the bidness farmer, remember you may have to extract dead critters too. and bugs, rats. the gamut.

no coons here yet. they only pass through.

what am I gonna do with my extra second this year?

i am thinking i will blink, and then maybe swear.
or exhale.

and since i am here, i might as well add something posted on the democratic underground.
somebody there saw parallels to iWaq that was done how we treated native americans in america's past. wounded knee et al.

and they said this-"the road to Fallujah passed right through south dakota"


Wednesday, December 28, 2005


it's trying to get free again. poor thing. at least it's keeping warm that way.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

darn, i was gonna mention the disappearing wallstreet gains for the year.

NOOOO! i won't learn unless all i have to do is hit what i want like on ebay! ooh, 10ยข day. i listed shit like mad. 1 bid from what i did this morning. why can't it be like doing attatchments? why?

one less Bush week to go
one less crappy Bush week to go
ooh, wild fires in texass-go to crawford!
aw, georgie's year not so good. WORD!
one less Bush week to go.

Monday, December 26, 2005

hi, granny. well, my OS-9 2000 era i-mac is quite archaic now. but i love it anyhow.

and decades ago my grandma made venison filet for dinner, to which my dad and step-monster came. she said she would NEVER eat bambi. my dad is such a bastard.
it was quite tasty. so rheindeer? well, i'll try it.

i am such a luddite. i refuse to learn how to post pics.

back to odd meat. eons ago, my dad(ya, of course he is involved) dragged me and my cousin's family to a wild game dinner in tennessee, where we happened to be. oy. they had it all. bear, raccoon, squirrel, boar, lots of game birds. can't remember what i was able to eat. something close to pig or cow. nothing cute!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


ah humbug.

CNN's stoopid quickvote. would you be will ing to try reindeer meat.
i voted yes. BUT I AM NOT TRYING ELF!

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