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Thursday, December 22, 2005

i am so glad keith hates christmas bullshit too. we can be scrooges together and say bah humbug.
i sure hope he can visit soon. visit? come and get me. cats can go a tad later. gotta wait til skippy is completely flealess.

i found my little note. i knew there was something else from the alaska EB entry.


i quite sure Fux is pleased that eskimo was englishified.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one (thank GOD) less Bush week to go
resolution just for war? NO! georgie is KING!
patriot act? georgie, what were you thinking?
one less FUCKING Bush week to go.

can we impeach the gnews media?

Monday, December 19, 2005

well granny, yes i have a didgital camera, but i am still a luddite and my apple I-mac makes some things harder. sigh. i need a photo editor. it would be so cool if i could show my objects and such. and the kitty porn!

but i came here cause i have more EB stuff. 2 maps of alaska. 2! or aliaska, which was a name for a small part of alaska. also was called russian america, WHICH we bought for a little over 7 million. now THAT was a bargain. i don't think there was an anchorage. SHIT! we're colder than alaska!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

hi granny.
well, surfing ebay for similar things is a good resource. i can say, that hallmarked things are better. restaurant ware, heavy old dishes are saleable. things sold as collectable are NOT! although hummel's do get some $ but not what the books say.
i just found out old milk bottle caps are worth $. bakelite of course is always worth something.
certified OLD stuff in the right place is good. best to 'find' what you have and see where others put it. and check if it gets bids.
listing at 99ยข costs the least, BUT, if certain objects should be high. list them what is a normal range. i like buy it now. cause i am just trying to get rid of stuff. you do get 2 chances, BUT if it doesn't sell, it's double.
for some reason advertisinbg stuff gets $.
and you have to be able ship it somehow. and always always make THEM pay shipping and handling.
and good photos are a positive. a didgital camera is a must.

and isn't the new comments great! it almost like i have haloscan!
now if only i could post pics.

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