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Friday, November 11, 2005

basil is such a odd cat. yesterday, well, actually wed 'leftovers' made a cassarole.

ground beef to your choice. most 1lb. me, 1/3 and i pick out mine.
green pepper
small onion
1 can tomato soup
1 can tomato bisque
dash pepper
1+ can of water. bake one hour 350. make seashell noodle or macaroni, pasta of your choice. to very al dente. add to rest, cook 5 or more minutes.

basil like chili, and maybe cxause i used too much pepper, he liked out my bowl. ate some hamberger bits, but also ate the tomoto bits from campbell's tomato bisque. crazy cat did not read the book on cats not liking tomato.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

whoops. very late. almost forgot.

one less Bush week to go(minus 1 day)
one less Bush week to go(- 1 day)
georgie will help you republicans get elected!
georgie may help get democrats selected.
one less FUCKIN Bush week to go.

delay for my trip to iowa. good thing trains are WAY easier than planes!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

dammit. i can't change my identity. oh well. will just have to be tabby on RH after dark.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

oh boy. finally the visit to des moines set. gonna take the train. damn i am cheap. but then, i don't REALLY like flying. and and and i never, ok. i took a train as a baby. was talking to him while checking expedia(orbitz doesn't like my 'archaic' browser and travelocity was more expensive!)and i had founmd a good rate, but a grab bag of you don't know what you are getting. shit, around $300 to go des moines??? and of course i then go to amtrak and NO DES MOINES! he was surprised. then said check for oseola. ahh. ok. going to oseola, then des moines. and i will help at a indoor art fair on the weekend. very likely he woill drive me back.

oh. i forgot my estate sale story. or stories? well, wed i got to a putzy little one in west allis, but i do well there actually. at the front table, i see these rabbit chachkes. i must check for marks, so i peel off the label on the bottom. WELL! i think that is a boy rabbit. a very well hung rabbit i must say. of course i hoot. the lady at the register smiles, cause she marked him. but the lady next to her hadn't seen it. well, seeing it was a pair, i look at the other. yup. it's a girl. pubic and tits,

the next sale wasn't much. but i did 2 that day. i have talked with the seller who is usually upstairs and we talked a bit. she did talk me into buying this nice mohair/acrylic cardigan. slight discount on 1st day. and threw in the holy water bottle. shit. that water did NOT look holy. but because i was wearing a sweatshit i wore during silkscreen class, she asked if i was an artist. low and behold, she used to model(clothed) at layton. the former name of my art school. of course MIAD sounds military. but she was telling me about doing it. i will have to show her my little 'brag book'.
also got a 'marble'? carving of the leaning tower of piza for $4. 8inch. but best deal was 25ยข for an old blown glass float for fishing nets. i LOVE those. now i have 5. after that, i won't look at ebay. bet they are $$$.

oh. and bush sucks.he will always suck.
AH! i got an ebay payment with a ronald reagan stamp. WELL! that ain't staying. i ripped it off and lit a match. when it got close to my fingers, i blew the flame out, but it rekindled strongly. yup. he's in hell

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