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Saturday, October 29, 2005

just about every day, i check antique 'primatives' on EBAY. today as i scrolled down, there was a bust of 'George W. Bush'.
i think they ment 'primates'.

by the way, this is NOT a joke. it is there for the next 14 hours or so. i would give a link, but pansypoo can't do that.
damned ugly thing has 1 bid at $49.99!!!

harriet reminded me of my mother. smart in some ways, but WAY stupid in others. like my mothers church, i think harriet's is feeding her a shitload of crap.
but she knew enough to step down.

EB stuff-

ok. i did NOT read the more than 100 pages on agriculture. uf da. but i paged through it. and the etchings of cows,sheep, and pigs was nice. 1st was a part on the history of agriculture. then a roundup of authors/boks on it. and then crops. never heard of one. still no idea what the hell it is. i suppose i should check the web on it.
and when i was in denmark, they sti;ll grow kholrabi to feed cows and such. mmm, khalrabi.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
will we get a merry fitzmas?
will harry get on the SCOTUS?
one less fucking Bush week to go.

Monday, October 24, 2005

i forgot to mention anotherEB entry. they BARELY talked about the french village of Agincourt, and then immediately rehashed Henry V's victory there. but then it IS the BRITANNICA. long live the queen and what not.
did give more detail than shakespeare.

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