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Saturday, October 22, 2005

just watched Bill Maher's show.

new rule. the conservative cannot be a talking head. they never shut up.

i also have the answer about how the levee situation WAS racial. probably wasn't blown open to flood the blacks. BUT, they had only so much money to shore up the levees. and where did they CONVENIENTLY run out of money? well? yes, the black areas. if only spike could have said THAT to that rat bastard tucker.

i had to say this before i forgot.
and while i am here, i got 2 snippets from the EB.
first was an entry on Agis IV,'king' of sparta, who came into power 244 BC. he only 4 years. because he was a reformer and wanted to improve the situation for the poor. of course the rich and powerful did not like that. who says humans have evolved?

and on the next page was WOMAN! ooh! Maria Gaetana Agnesi, who was a mathmatical/linguist born in 1718. by 8 i think it said, she could speak latin and soon knew many other languages,which her mathmatics professor father made her perform to crowds of the intelligencisa of the day. by the time she was 20 she said enough of that shit, and did math! she even wrote a very important book. but she most wanted to devote herslef to orders(or just wanted to be left alone). which she did after her father's death when she was about 50. she died in 1799. her sister was a composer of notice as well.

bet you can't find her in current EBs.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
judy is looking like a shill
fitsgerald looks like a shiv
one less fucking Bush week to go

Monday, October 17, 2005

forgot, we have tentively set a date in november for the visit.

i also forgot some nuggets from my encyc.
i read about John Agassiz, 1807-1873. a doogie howser/icky-fish-ology scientist. he had more than a page. so he was very respected. he also did not buy evolution. sure, darwin can 'explain' monkeys, but how do we go from fish? i have no idea how he managed to get married with all the studying he did.
last night i read about a roman times tyrant in sicily. but not cataline. must be after cicero.
oh yes, he was around 400ad. cic was bc.

ooh, i called the potter today and finally got an answer. i TOLD him he could use the cell, but whatever, i do spend too much time on puter.
WELL, i went to 2 estae sales fri. one a old 1890? duplex. and the other a 26 year old locatiio location 1/2 mil house. of course i spent ONE DOLLAR at the wawatosa, menominee parkway house. oy did that house suck. so brady bunch, but more retarded. what was that architech thinking???
i grew up in a 1910 duplex, so the 1st was similar. and OOH! the prices i like!25¢,50¢, and $1 predominated. shit, i saw a guy get a old iron book press for $4.50!!!what a steal! i can't believe all the goodies i got for $5.50.
most intesresting was the unused door latch and knobs, WITH a brand new looking skeleton key! and screws!
i did buy far too many chachkas for myself, 13 things, and few ebay items. i did get a mid-century orange ceramic ashtray, made by ALLEN-BRADLEY!!! they had a ceramics division??? the globe bookend i can try to sell, but i sort of like it.
the light 'fixture' is gonna be used. well, the old shade is. not many nice 40's (? when did they make those horrid square shades?)
but one of the best buys was a 1914 color illustrated dictionary. and my oh my are their some interesting sections in the back! the meaning of flowers?, the census of american cities in 1910?
the constitution of course. and much more. and some of the illustrations are so nice.

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