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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i spent too much yesterday, but but but i did get a cool 1951 chair for my putering. label on bottom. and so many buttons! 30! 20 on the seat and 10 on the upholstered back. WHICH, the cats find a good perching spot. way better for typing too. the ottoman was too low.
damn this is a nice chair. and the half oval table is perfect for the telelphone.
and when you do a $3 dollar bag, you take ANYTHING worthy. an't help it if the owner liked owls. i did find a chippie and a horse.

oops. i forgot my tues duty.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
if georgie had a hammer
he would swing it like a sissy
one less fucking Bush week to go.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

well dale. i have never used tooth powder. but after going through that oral pathology book, i am thankful to five with modern dentistry!
back then if you flosed tohard you could make groves in your teeth! shit, what was floss like??? i do have a glass floss holder though. estate sale of course.
luckily i haven't hit the really gross pics.
went to 2 sales today. much fun, but, i gotta get off the puter and go to bed.

Monday, October 10, 2005

but yesterday, was a good day and slightly sad. i had too sell 2 of my 'children'. not so sad about one as it was a 'brat', but the buffalo? well, that one was brlliant. i sold two of my original pastels. BUT, they ave been 'adopeted' into the coolest home.
the buffalo was the 2nd of a series i started in the 90's and one of my best sellers for art shows. although the buffalo never sold well. but damn, it inspired. the procupine was a pale imatation of it's better twin which sold in Green Bay. THAT one i miss too, but i do have a larger oil copy of it, so not too bad.
and i did take lots of pics of the buffalo.
gotta go get ready for dentist visit.
tell about their new owner later.

well. 1st things first

where's the ranting? fuck. i am too sick of them bastards.

rather talk about neat stuff. saterday(rare day for me) i went to a east side sale. usually laura's collectables(anitque show prices) has way more. but it was such a neat sale. obviously a spinster. how long had she been out of the upstairs flat? there was tooth POWDER. everything looked quite old. the books sure did. 60's the latest?
i did find some goodies. more embroidered pillowcases. because they have to be appreciated.
and kitchen odds and ends. my favorite.
but ooh were there some neat art deco lamps. and older ones. but too $$$ and i have too many as it is.

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