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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2nd sale.
i did not spend a penny, but oh boy did i look. GRAND lake shore mansion on wahl. VERY chi chi! 3 stories!
but it was too big to really live in. i guess i prefer homey. but oh my! quarter sawn oak floors. and 1 1/2 inch wide strips! shame the staircase wood and all the woodwork was painted. and horrible carpet. blegh! at least the rainlg and newell going into the attic/servent/nursey-kid's room was bare. not all the rooms were open, but man was it grand. but i can't say it was decorated that way.
but then most of the stuff was gone.

and i spent to much at the other, so it was just good for pics and exercise.

i looked at some more stones and i spotted a few right in the corner by some bushes near the road. ooh, that was the sweetest one.

here lies my wife
the joy of my life
carie xxxxx

no visible dates. and no husband. but i think i spotted him under the bushes.

i would say it is sad, but unlike denmark where they need the space and replace with new stones, these still stand and rot/disappear slowly.

DAMMIT. what the fuck did i hit??
ate my whole post. BAH!!
2 estate sales. spent too much at 1st. but can't pass $2 petrified wood! or 2 east lake BIG brass hinges for $9.
passed an old cemetary on way there. i love cemetaries. so i went back after.
some newer and older, some not in english. german? scandanavian? one is sure to topple soon sadly.
but one small plot with a stone, with concrete?granite? top sides and foot, had a 5 stumped tree growing out where the torso would be. soon the tree will eat the inscription of the 3 year old boy who died in the 1890's. everybody who knew him his gone.

post before i erase again.

Monday, October 03, 2005

i am past all the 'discoverers' of africa and i passed over the rivers as many names are no longer there. did read most of the animals listed. but i am reading about their discriptions of the 'tribes'. although those names may have changed and i don't think abbysnia is still used.
BUT, Darfur has been mentioned several times and it is on the map.
also talks about the various arabic tribes or sections. still about 8 pages to go through. i think it did tak about many jews that came over after the spaniards expelled them and how they spread over the area opposite spain. also made a typical old fashioned racial stereotype, but it WAS writen in the 1800's.

more Cicero-

But i am confident that some fate is hanging over thesemen(cateline and his 'army'), and that the punishment long since due to their iniquity, and worthlessness, and wickedness, and lust is either visibly at hand or at least rapidly approaching.-

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