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Saturday, September 03, 2005

sigh. on a brighter note, i got a letter from my potter.

i mentioned this at corrente and DU.

it certainly appeared that america responded quickly to 9/11. within hours and days people were streaming in to succor and help. and we were sneak attacked. but then, georgie hadn't been in office a year and still was Clinton's FEMA.

EVERYBODY knew on fri that katrina was gonna be a doozy. and the track had it heading for New Orleans. it's been 4 years+ and now it's georgie's FEMA. and i can't help but think that he ain't so good. call it racist, blind, or just plain stupid. either way, he needs to take responsibilty for this MISTAKE.

he is no leader, he just plays one on teevee.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NOW an we eliminate georgie FUCKING Bush's tax cuts to the fucking rich?????????

a pox on his ass. A POX I SAY!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one less FUCKING bush week to go,
The Big Easy is drowning
georgie still vacationing
one lese FUCKING bush week to go.

god he sucks. why is that acceptabe to the sheeple?

well, more crassness in times of woe. did one of those most excellent extatse sales. love them spinsters. was a home ec teacher too. and either her parents traveled before coming to america. but got about 30 old photos. many from germany and italy. and 2,TWO zeppelin photos! all for $3. i was just gonna buy a few, but all for $3? i am going to keep as a group. mostly. ebay the lesser zepelin pic.
and another potato smoosher. but but but i also found a really big old wood spoon. and and and a baggie of old european coins. HAD to get the old french fracs with roosters on them!
paid too much for 2 books. man did she have books. and what a neat bathroom. wonder if there was one on the first floor too.

Monday, August 29, 2005

i feel kinda crass for blogging about an estate sale when all the katrina shit is going down in the south, but then i have followed anything since this afternoon. i hear it is getting worse. but then, compare that to the tsunami?
ooh. dueling disasters.

well, finally, the MENLO sale. oh rats. purple ticket. they really are insane about prices. $3 for a polo shirt?($1.50 for today). somebody else was buying it.
the books were not as old as i expected. but i did find 3. MOO, a lemony snicket, and a 1903 diary. ooh. jewish immigrant in new york. i read the 1st 2 entries. so far very good.
the exterior was sort of a italian palace/englishish. obviously downsizing baby boomers. or moving. can't say i liked most of their stuff.
center entry. house built maybe in the teens or so. wide staircase, very mansionish. and a sitting area on the 2nd floor landing! big leaded windows. spanish plaster(not as nice as ours) great woodwork. but bad flow. fireplace is nicer than ours, but our mantle nicer. and the livingroom floor had me stumped for a while. maple in the middle(oh man! is that birds-eye maple?!? and along the walls, quarter-sawn oak. i didn't see it was around the whole room at first. man. the maple was covered by rugs? what a waste. but not now. i sure hope new owners don't carpet it. was surprised i couldn't see lake from the 3rd floor, but it is on a bluff that far north of bradford beach, WHICH was extra ripe today. PEEyoo! gotta do something to get rid of that algae!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

i finally remembered the other thing.
on way to batchelor estate sale, i passed a smaller intersection. but trendy, and each corner had one or more anti-war protesters. usually you can see them at the BIG interseection downtown on wisconsin and water, but this was Kinnikinnick and Lincoln and howell.(a 3 road convergence).
we need to make signs that say WHERE'S OSAMA?
that might remind the sheeple.

i know i came here to bitch about them filling dnaiel shorr's shoes with GOLDBERG.
did tomilinson insist on that??? you get to report on sheehan, so you have to take the conservative knob spit.

but there was something else. wasn't there? hmmm, not that shitty batchelor's estate sale. did they really think anybody would buy that shit???
of course maybe his good stuff was upstairs. as if.

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