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Friday, August 12, 2005

well, another call from 'my' potter this afternoon. he is gonna use up all them minutes. said he sent another letter and i have one to go. ail on saterday to send his cat skippy catnip. which is starting to look icky. but we finally got ran so...

i did 2 estate sales on thursday, but both were kind of blah. even if i spent $21.50. i HAD to have that cheesebox! and and and i promise to sell one of the umbrellas. pillowcases(embroidered) and buttons are mine though. at least 1/4 of the buttons.

well, i can't remember if i mentioned aqbout working on grandma's hoard/bedroom, but since i have pretty much finished, and it was hot, i started in the basement. and certainly lessened the amount. and EBAY! stuff. the motherlode of viewmaster wheels and THREE viewmasters! cause god forbid my mom and her siblings share. MORE old magazins amd shit. MORE portals of prayer. well, mom doesn't get these.

did find some letters my uncle had written during vietnam. one ended-your draftable son. the other to his younger brother complained about vietnam and used all this archaic slag.pulled that out to show both.
SO, the house which had been so tidy for Keith, now looks like ebay exploded. crap everywhere.
but i have over 30 items listed now. my most ever.

allie, could we hope that clinton caused them even more tourette's?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

bummer. potter not coming up for baraboo this weekend. but had a long chat on phone. although i really hate them.
did learn some things. he was a philosophy major! basketball scholarship and philosophy....
he likes me. he hates bush. he likes cats.
but absence does not make the heart fonder, it pisses me off.
but, he would like to bring me des moines. AND flying, you would avoid the pig shit! and i get to meet his cat skippy. big orange cat.
IF.....i bet my spares would shape him up.
and he liked the estate sale experience. ooh, this could be a wonderful thing.
it really could.
crappy diem and all that.
well, i am gonna dive in baby! CRAPPY DIEM!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

one less Bush week to go
ONE less fucking Bush week to go
gergie goes on vacation
but damned if he'll meet with that mom who lost a son

on the bright side 'my' potter is at the baraboo art fair this weekend.

shit. my ONE comment is spam????

since i am NOT a party girl(you'd THINK they would pick up on that, aina?

i may be single, but i ain't DESPERATE.

Monday, August 08, 2005

ahh, what a fun monday i had!
i commiserate with anybody who has had to endure modern medical technology. i had a MRI of my's brain and neck.
only good thin, i could bring my own 'soundtrack'. they no longer can get any decent radio station. no NPR, no local college station. shit. the one classical station has commercials, but they can't even get THAT one now. so i took anwar brahim(sp). it was supposedly a new one. fucking thing got louder and the platform was stubborn for rolling me in. and i ain't fat! i wonder how they DO fat people. shit, how would they fit 'my' potter in? heck, MEN?
took around an hour. if only you could move your lower extremities more. when i had my first one, i moved too much. tried my legs down. pout. i was ONLY wiggling my toes. which i did this time. i figured i could do that when they weren't 'scanning', i could breath deep and move. although i did do some wiggling. did some yoga breathing. but that is boring.
at least the first couple i could read the countdown backwards by the mirror they have.

ooh, a letter FROM the potter.

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