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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one less fucking bush week to go
benedict KKKarl
and iWaqtile dysfunction
one less Bush week to go

hell yes, kirill, you are a good one. 'my' potter is. my brother sort of is, but he still is a dittohead ass. my uncles are. my grandpa was born a 'good' lincoln republican. the he just read all the propaganda he got since ronald R.
there are many good men. just as there are a shitload of stupid women.
it's the bell curve. and the sucky part, there is always way more of them than us.

Monday, July 18, 2005

there is one thing that really REALLY makes me mad. i don't want to be racist but dammit, WHY do idiots poach(actually the assholes the fucking PAY)INDANGERED SPECIES so ASIAN men MIGHT get a fucking hard on??????????????????
damn. makes me INSANE!!! would viagra/cialis go over therew and advertise???

or does the endangered Nepalese rhino make your dicks BIGGER???

fuck them.
OH, and the oceans are getting warmer. HOW MUCH EVIDENCE IS ENOUGH FOR YOU GEORGIE??????????????
somtimes i REALLY could hate men. but then there's attaturk and atrios. so they ain't all bad, BUT THE FUCKERS ARE IN CHARGE.

i had my only art fair of the year this past weekend and i am gonna say wisconsin has not passed the corner, or we are 2 america's a edwards kept saying. my serious landscapes, while looked at, were not enough to make anybody pay. and i had to remove my smalll edition prints. THANK GOD i brought that picnic basket of my primitive animals and cat prints. they saved the fair. AND a repeat customer wanted to buy original 'roadkill'(what my uincle called them). i brought some of them for the lady to look at the next day and she got 3. SHE saved me.
i sold mu;litples to some people and boy! my one of a kind monoprint 'business' cards were popular. so much for staid cards looking professional.
i only walked around the perimeter, and around the corner from me was an acrylic artist. BEAUTIFUL work. she didn't sell ANYTHING the first day, and because i got $450 for my roadkill, i bought one of her glycees of 4 chickens. dan chickens. but i was her only sale.
i don't think many did all that well. so it wqas a dead end that wisconsin hit. or some are doing well, but more are not doing well. Clinton lifted all boats. looks like georgie only lifted the powerboats and left the rowboats in the mud.

and visit the michael kohler art center. great little art center. AND they redid the woman's bathroom. WOW! a pink i like, but it was all the tiles that impresses. worthy destination if you are in the neighborhood.
the men's still rocks. they better do bathrooms good.

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