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Thursday, July 14, 2005

i almost forgot.

i also went to the farmers market. cucumbers! whoohoo! carrots! onions.well, we apparently had some 'air show' downtown, but when i was getting my onions, a fighter jet zoomed over, so low. it was SO fucking LOUD. very annoying! so i am driving back home and another one zooms by, not as loud and he couldn't have been much higher than 200ft!!! how low was that other one? well, all the sheeple came out of their houses and buildings and looked at the pretty noisy thing in the sky.just standing there and talking to each other. looking at the empty sky.
what in the hell were they looking at???
later saw 4 in formation. of course my mom was thrilled.

i much prefered the 4 quiet biplanes i saw yesterday. also in formation. AH. maybe somebody actually reads my blog and knows. the local urinal had a picture of them flying. boeing something something Bi-planes. said they were WW2. shit. they have red varon on the planes DUDES. can you say WW1???

but did they use them at the start of WW2?

years ago i got 6 british patent books at our central library sale. all around the 20's. and they had several patents for tanks and such. may have had 1 plane patent.
wait. how did i get here? why did i get here? hmmm.
ANYWAYS, also had a patent for a FRUIT basket. the newest one had a funny brasierre patent. oy. the books i have.

ooh. today i went to a neat estate sale. farther than i usually go. but worth it, although i did not buy much. it was a 1849 farmhouse. had a bard, a stotage shed AND a 2 seater biffy! and i saw at least 3 lightning rods. a blue 1, a green 1 and a gold 1. very neat.
got some pictures. sigh. they had a really nice area rug, but i didn't even look at the price. odd arrangement of rooms though. and the addition was melded nice.
they had a lot of rosemaling. and ooh, a burl walnut dining table!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

i am very very busy busi busi. my ONLY art fair is this weekend and i am doing something different this year.so i am extra nervous.
luckily my indian portraits were recieved by natives well. even if i didn't sell.
but landscapes??? and just landscapes? maybe i should take one basket of my old stuff, just in case.

let's try EARLY!

one less Bush week to go
one less bush week to go
london get terrorists
we just get georgie
one less Bush week to go.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

well. i hit aeronautics in my 1891 EB. VERY neat illustrations of the new flying machines that the Montgolfier brothers had perfected. oh, to see them fly in person. one was quite pretty. but i did not see any new ideas, although there were parachutes, but what would you need them for?

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