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Thursday, July 07, 2005

fucking lovely. a coordinated attack in london BY AL QAEDA. way to go blair for supporting the chimperor on going AWAY from afganistan to iWaq. good fucking show!

and then georgiehas the temerity to say HE was at the G8 to help improve the world. little shitter!

ooh, i had it all written in my head as i was making my coffee, but now they ain't talking about it.

well, i am sure i have mentioned my ebaying off stuff in my grandma's hoard/bedroom(still have the basement!) i have 3 boxes of stuff to go. WELL. since i have already had some suprizes, i listed an old 1974 USED wall calendar/blackboard which had been my mom's,cause i wrote that my brother was something, but i couldn't read it. so grandma had snagged it before it got dumped. i sold it for a buck, but i had something somebody wanted. but the S&H stamps? TWO BIDS??? is there a place you can redeem them at???

and why didn't STUPS!the german wonder(magnetic) dog sell?

and if i REALLY don't want to sell, i am only gonna try onc and at a price i think i need to part with it.
now i just hope SOMEBODY bids on that old 20's? knick knack shelf. and good luck to the milwaukee bidder, cause i do not want to ship it.
and WHY did the USPS website say it would be $46 for a 7lb box. it may be oversized but $46?? it's going to michigan, not iWaq.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

OK, before i lose it again. i found this on DU.
although i am sure if you hates georgie, you may have seen this. but georgie suffers from ME syndrome. Malignant Egophrenic. he certainly is full of himself.


one less Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go
live 8 for G8
and geoorgie says "what?"
one less Bush week to go.

did anybody even poll his s?

Monday, July 04, 2005

well, i had a very very very boring 4th. i spent several hours wrking on removing the last vestiges of orange rug in the house. for TOO long we lived with it in the livingroom, diningroom, hall and staircase. one year we removed the livingroom. DAMMIT. i think they took out the original floor! (gap between floor and baseboards). i don't want to be, um....anti-catholic, but they had rotten taste and there were icon shadows when we moved in. uf da. don't get me started on the mirrored up livingroom. this house was built in 1926 and with all this fancy plaster, you add mirrors!?! and in the niches??? still have to remove the huge one over the fireplace. 1stly it's up 4+ feet, and it's about 5feet wide by 4 feet. TOOOO big.
yes, the ceiling is about 10ft. if only i could put pics up.
well, then we pulled up the diningroom and hall. why isn't there stain in the hall???
of course years ago i removed the even older green rug from the upper 'library'. had even MORE staples. luckily no tackstrip in library.
oh was that foam pad a bitch.
now. we have 3 stairs to the middle landing and about 12 steps. and i suppose full of these beastly little U staples. BUT what was revealed of the staircase, the house value went up about 10,000.
i just can't figure out why the color shange in the woodwork. darker downstairs and deco bloodish upstairs. BUT, the floor does look like oak. and the rug i found at an estate sale(1920's or earlier)looks great. at $26, maybe i should have gotten the other one.

so, that was how i spent today. woohoo!
oh, and i had cornflakes for dindin. sad isn't it.

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