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Saturday, May 28, 2005

oh, i almost forgot. sybil KILLED my optical mouse today.

so far, no other dead mice.

i am doing some major ebaying. must get rid of grandma's and my stuff!
well, i finally listed 3 'little blue books'. small pamphlet booklets that i got at an estate sale years ago.
well. one is Ancient Phiosophers, by Vance Randolph. no time to read it, but i looked at the last paragraph.
uh oh.

"The sceptical movement which began with Protagoras and culminated in Pyrrho and Carneades, killed rational philosophy in greece. men lost confidence in the philosophical method, and began to suspect that some unseen spiritual world might just be real and true as anything else. so they abandoned reason altogether, and took up Neo-Platonism, or one of the new christian cults; the study of nature fell into general disrepute, and faith ruled for a thousand years of darkness."

shit. i hoe we don't have to put up with this bullshit THAT long.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

well, might as well do this while fresh.
big estate sale. its been a long time since i was there early on a 1st day. they are on like #25 and i am #91. well, i did the garage that was full of stuff. and i spent too much.
then go back to front and wait. on the bright side, it was warm and sunny. not hot. luckily many people gave up. so the wait from 71 to 91 was quite short.

oh man was that house packed. if i had more money....all those buttons? mine. but i could only get 1 bag.
and i only got the railroad signal lamp cause i have the gless piece for it. i think. gotta see if it fits and how could i pass up that old wooden mallet?
and i did get an old iron doorknob for 50¢. and another chicken. i couldn't resist! it it it was only a quarter. i gotta hand it to the sellers, they organized it well.
must remember that.
auntie's will be here soon i am sure.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

BAD Bush tourette's today. i sure hope that returd CPB is removed soon.

on a better note, i did 2 erstate sale today and i finally found 1 book i had been searching for. i got a 1949 edition of 1984! woo hoo!
also got a pre-WW2 pair of german scissors. maybe even older. very ornately engraved.oh, i got lots of goodies.mostly for me. we NEEDED a new potato masher-to use. i have been using the one from my grandma, but it has a bakelite handle, and the soap i use gave it a nasty film i gotta remove.
and the 'new' one was only 25¢. and quite nice too. heavy duty.
but tomorrows sale should be even better.
oh, more on 1st sale. i also found a 30's? box flashlight. has a handle and a clip. and still worked. the batteries inside look pretty old. and i also got a smiley face coffee mug. and to think i am NOT a morning person.
2nd sale was just OK. more silver plate flatware. but the masher and an old screwdriver. and 2 early 1900's readers. neato illustrations.
now i gotta go to bed as i gotta get up early. blegh.

one less Bush week to go
one fucking less Bush week to go
lauWa goes to the mis-east
Friskie gets nuclear
one less Bush week to go

Monday, May 23, 2005

i almost forgot.i guess this year, i am picking the #2 horse. i got scrappy T. i did like afleet alex. but.....
so, since i know nothing about horses, that's pretty good.

i really felt hot for wilco too. hmm, maybe he will be a good breeder.

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