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Friday, May 20, 2005

ah brenda. i will e-mail you. i wonder if i could mail a plant?

well, because of friskie and all my bush related tourette's has gotten terrible. luckily pansy is somewhere hiding and covering her ears.

well, was reading my 1891 EB last night and read some interesting stuff. oh, what thing those new encyclopedias miss.
well, one was a bio on Uriel D 'Acosta. born in the late 1500's(or did it say 15th century?). a jewish portuguese man, who was brought up roman catholic(his fther converted). he switched back to judism, made a luthereque stink, was excommunicated, joined again. excommunicated, joined and finally excommunicated. and reportedly committed suicide late in life.
it seems awefully strange that he was deemed worthy, but he did write about it and had books published.

i did skip over theNINETEEN pages on acoustics. don't have to be THAT edjumicated.

also read about Acqui, Italy. I may have to swing by after checking out Foix, France.
shame i can't just read about all the little towns. at least i have already been to ebeltoft, arhus, and billund.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

i forgot to mention about sheepshead. not only do the queens rule, the king is pretty much a lower card. BECAUSE, apparently way back when, the people didn't really care for the king.

anyHOW, my potter called me yesterday. i mailed him a letter last week, and i mailed it saterday because i stuck in something for his cat, skippy.
now, we have sevearl 'weeds' in our yard. we gots the usual, dandylions, crabgrass. but then there is the pretty feverfew. but the oltimate-i have the BEST cat pot. was here when we moved in. and boy can i take advantage, oh, by the way, it stays green all year. dig out the snow, and you will find tiny tiny green leaves.
well, i rubs the plant i had picked for mine on a piece of thick paper. had to put in baggie. he might have eaten my letter. keith tells me skippy LOVED it.
we tend to get stray cats in the yard.
now, the spares were a little slow, basil more so, but they all like it now. ESPECIALLY sybil.
of course pansy does not need catnip. she can get high on parsley, lavender, feverfew. hmm, i should see if chives does it. but it does make her drool.

i suppose if anybody would like some, they could contact me. fresh is so much more potent than dried. although even my dried stuff makes pansy nuts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

brenda, if georgie is the shepherd, the pond is gonna be full of a shitload of drowned sheep.

and sinmce i PLAY sheepshead, the thought of georgie didling in MY area, is too fucking horrible to condone.

by the way, sheepshead playing can be observed on yahoo games!
i do not know if i explained it before. as if anybody is reading this. hello? hello?


well, sheephead is a german card game. although when it came to wisconsin, it changed a bit. sort of like german potato salad, which does not exist in germany.
sort of like Bridge, but diamonds are always trump. and QUEENS rule, which might explain it's popularity with gays. in fact. the top card is the queen of clubs. i suppose that would be queen of balls(gay again???) in traditional german cards. or would it be acorns?
i grew up with the pick a partner version. you call an ace. but when i started yahoo, i discovered Jp. where the jack of diamonds is partner. i LOVE playing J partner doublers. it's like sheepshead on crack.

one less fucking Bush week to go
one less fucking Bush week to go
on Bolton, on Prissy
on nuculer filibusters we gooooooo
one less fucking Bush week to go.

oh man. WHEN will our pain END? god i hate sheeple.

on other things. i found this in my new washington monthly(2 issues in one day. april????
it is considered that the reason they put Blolton out there for the UN, is cause Condi didn't want him mucking things up at state. and she can't can him, him being a asskisser for george and all.

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