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Friday, May 13, 2005

1st-EB stuff

i read about Gottfried Achenwall, b 1719-d 1772(HEY! i have a coin from when he was born! cool!)
who was the first to apply the name scientia statistica. STATISTICS! lies,damned lies and statistics!

rather read about that than atomic energy.

2nd. estate sale

last one not so good? this one too good. in a very high end neighborhood and from what i can tell, a nice bungalow was being used for STORAGE, not living. man those antique dealers are strange! SO, of course it was packed with antiques!
tch tch. i bought way too much. but i did get a very early coca cola bottle for my aunt. fluted and clear. very pretty even not a coke bottle. got more cheaper bottles for me. more silver plate. ooh, one has acorns and oak leaves! 2 african things. one carved bust. other rascist ashtray. but neat. and 2 count em TWO potato smooshers, but one is really nice. weighs a ton, so maybe it's ironwood. i remember hauling some ironwood to the cottage for fall fires, that wood is HEAVY! and a printers block. it appears to be a 30's version of a cop. from the waist up. there were more, but i liked this one best.
man did she have stuff. a garage AND a shed full. maybe i should go back just for am old planer.
or 2
or 3.
but tomorrow also has a Laura's collectables sale. she always has good stuff too. and last time i made money off her.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

well, i did go to a 1st day of a 3 day estate sale. lots of avon and crap. but i did do very well for my $5.50. especially the ice scream scoop. sure it ain't a hamilton beech, but it does appear older. and works fine. and sigh, another small pestle. or was it morter? and some other things.

and the astrology ethics book auction ended. sold for $9 to a nice aussie named wesley, who is as chatty as me!

well, she did so fcking good in physical therapy, the tossed her out toot suite! i think she is havng some difficulties at home(mom hasn't explained, i assume it's the shag rug. the nursing home doesn't have that. so mom is making do, being the martyr.BUT, she is back home. she did NOT LIKE the nursing home.no way!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

so close.

One less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
off to yurp, to pootie poot
and all them others, too
one less bush week to go

Sunday, May 08, 2005

last night i was reading the EB and i hit on a very interesting entry. Mariangelo Accorso-born 1419. probably the first master of snark.
he was a critic, who sspent over 3 decades at the court of charles V, so you just KNOW he was funny.
and although he did make fun of people who used archaic phrasing in latin, he was obviously good. and very proud of his work (hmmm, imagine if he had a blog. what would his name be?), so when he was accused of plagarism, he was QUITE upset.

new encyclopedias suck.

oh, my puter problem has been diagnosed.

electricity. the outelt? the surge strip? could be. but it ain't the puter. which. i can handle. i can accept an electricity problem. now i have to forgive it for driving me crazy. imagine what the imac was dealing with.

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