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Thursday, May 05, 2005

and the estate sales on tues. the only ones this week. bummer. but the first was a musical jew. and that is the facts. she also liked BLUE and wall paper. ick poo. small house and she has a baby grand piano in the livingroom. also had a violin and harp. not much i liked. spent 1.50 on kitchen stuff and a book. but, there was a tree by the driveway. TALL tree, and there is a hole in it. i stuck a stick in it. went to the other side of the trunk. hollow! but it's canopy looked good.

2nd one? open house last hour! ahh, some goodies left. and i hemmed and hawed to a good deal. 2 objects for a better price. an african wood carved object. and maybe an india victorian framed dude. looks like very old decopage. and a cute little frame. well worth $7.50.

oy. puter probs.
one less georgie week. yada yada

but i have more important stuff. last wek i did mention the astrologer's estate sale right? well. i listed one of the books. ethics in astrology! published in 1917. was bought in DC. but an ebayer asked me if it had graphs and stuff. so i gotta check. am i glad i did. in the front it has famous people's charts. Lincoln, Van Gogh, goeth, Kaiser Wilhelm!, and martin luther, among others. and i also found 4 charts for the TITANIC. it was doomed DOOMED!
what a hoot. i am gonna have to look at the others. except Ephemeris 1860-1879. that just has planet stuff for charts. but interesting.

Monday, May 02, 2005

gotta get to bed, but i was reading the EB last night. finished asyssinia and emperor theodore. must look him up. an had to read the entry on acapulco. which apparently has some bug prolem and is very unhealthy for europeans.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

ooh, anonomous, i am too luddite/puter illiterate to do a link. can't even post my kitty porn, but i heard about it on NPR ATC. so i suppose you could check the all things considered archives. i think it was last friday.

i know i have not read about it in my local paper.

'kitten' story.

i have an african violet, my grandma's that i have managed not to kill and SYBIL hasn't killed, she has a black paw of death. it has started blossoming again.
well, basil just now, plucked a blossom of and took it away. WHAT??? well, at least he did eat his kill. should be pretty pink puke.

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