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Saturday, April 30, 2005

i was sent to a website-how republican are you?, by a post on DU. from others peoples comments i was sure i would be around 10%, but alas, it was not REAL republican. and i got a whopping MINUS 4! and they called me a commie!


one of the better estate liquidators, if a little pricey.gotta take your bargains where you can get them. i got an old lingerie 'hanger' with an old brand ad on it for 50ยข and sold it for 3.99. so she does have them. and the heater i paid $6 for is in the tiled bathroom. and one of my nicest. probably from the 20's.how many do i have now? 20?

well, an old mini ranch, ick poo. but did findsome stuff. a heater(yup), 30's/40's? with a fan-onlt for looks. but does work. oops. i blew their fuse.
also got an old odd desk lamp. ya, i collect those too.
a little old book with a funny title. AS A MAN THINKETH.
another level. BUT BUT BUT this one has a hardware so it should sell on ebay right? right?
an old porcelain stamp wetter(what are they called?). an old socket. matches the ones in our 1926 house. IN wrapper. dare i keep the heater? i could always part with one of the arvins.

not a bad haul.

i am disappointed the set of 10 art nouveou books didn't get more than 9.99. they are so neat. and high quality. bet they cost a lot. even an antiquitarian book site didn't even have anything.
hmm. i think i have broken even on Jack frost's sale. i sold another book, these and what else did i sell.
of course there are so many books from that one.

OH, speaking of those books. in the 1891 EB,i am reading the history of abysinnia. what abysinnia? where is that? does seem that it may have included much of ethiopia.
so i checked my old Globe(30's? given to me by my childhood elderly neighbor Mrs. Radke.) no abysinnia, but not very current at all. except south africa and egypt. no sudan! or congo.

well, i got new batteries for the PC. then the stalling got REALLY fucking bad. went to HELP! and ugh. cleaned and installed after refresh did not work. big whoops. had to search for all my files.
and where did i find my set up map. WHERE'S ALL MY STUFF?!? TCP shit! my internet #???? clean up desk??? NOOOOOoooooooooooo.
oh, there it is, inside the imac booklet.

still should clean.

ok, FL is stalling a 13 year olds abortion. saying she is to IMATURE to decide.


retardican cirque de soleil logic.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

dale, i plan on using ugsome as often and as many places as i can think. and explain where need be.
and use it in conversation.
and if somebody also thinks it's a good word and uses it. it shoulod be back in oh, well, a couple of decades.

i managed to sit through the chimperor's press do without killing the teevee(playing cards).

and he said sumthin that confuused little ole me.
he said if you didn't wanna do wall street, you could get BONDS. that are fully backed by the guvment. but then he goes and says that all that leftover money for SS is just IOUs, but them IOUs is bonds. so, ain't they fully backed as well? or is they IOU bonds?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

one less Bush week to go
One less week of Bush to go
georgie and prince bandar sittin in a tree
looks ugsome to me
one less Bush week to go

monday i had a bit of insomnia, and my cure is to read a 60's dictionary that my aunt gave me. i am going forward and backwards. on the last page of U i found a GREAT archaic word for georgie. UGSOME-Frightful; abhorrent.
if kerfuffle can make a comeback, why not ugsome?

Sunday, April 24, 2005


-for your tyrantsmust work their fallby their own MISCONDUCT.

luckily they didn't have teevee gnus back then.

oops. i forgot. in the basement there was a GORGEOUS (why?) 1910-1920's gas stove. deco handles. in perfect condition. it was so pretty. it could have been in a museum. soooo pretty.

but i also came back cause i keep forgetting it. from my famous orations-rome.


i allude to the powerof the opposing party, your own tameness of spirit, the absence of all justice(timely ain't it), and above all, the fact thaat INTEGRITY(my emph) is attended with more danger than honor. indeed, it grieves me to relate, how, during the last 15 years(5), you have been a sport to the ARROGANCE OF AN OLIGARCHY; how dishonorably, and how utterly unavenged, your defenders have perished; and how your spirit has become degenerate by SLOTH and INDOLENCE; for not even now, when your enemies are in your power(social security) will you rouse yourselves to action, but continue still to stand in awe of those to whom you should be a TERROR.

i imagine Dean saying this.

my i mac needs new batteries and has been freezing INSESSANTLY, so i have not taken the time to waste it on blogging here.

but, friday i did an estate sale that must be mentioned.
i do NOT like purple ticket sales. too pricey. upper east side rich ladies run it. BUT it was on the east side and i always go there! whitefish bay too.

well, it was a newer home(40's, but what contents). i think she was an unmarried woman. or Mr died earlier. way earlier.
they were plenty of clues. her parrents had $$$. many expensive things. and she was definately into astrology. i bought 6 old books, many on astrology. could be ebay gold. of course i spent too much so i hope ebay is good. of course these women can be awefully stupid. $45 on an old unbrella, and yet $5 on a cool plater i got. old english transfer ware, but pheasants and peonies. very attractive. oh, i forgot. i did get 20% off. 4 day sale.
also got a 1899 scale. would make good ebay money, but i gotta keep this. i will sell the yellow 20's one.
also found an old poster with jehovah's witness stuff or astrology on it. quite old. 30's? 20's? 4 kigdoms. that sounds jehovah, or mormon? very odd. ebay gold?
one reason i hate purple ticket is they combine stuff into bags. i bought a neat old match box, made of 4 old boxes glued together and decorated. LOVE the little 'button' drawer handles with tiny acrons on them. BUT i had to buy some record player crap in the same bag. oh well. could sell on ebay. of course i have to sell match box too.
so i will only keep the scale for sure.
oh and also got a 30's? 40's? nut chopper. at home i checked it. works of course.

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