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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to gooooooo
in the white house a rat
in the vatican, a Rat
one less Bush week to go

Monday, April 18, 2005

oh, i got the wrong term. i didn't buy a carved pony. i got a foal. which is even neater than a pony.

well, it didn't take long.

4 cats have been found shot and YES, one was a pet. alas poor junior.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

well, the root canal wasn't TOO bad, although, per usual, i am far to sensitive. as my roots were not dead yet, the 2 novacaine shots and gun pain removal were not enough. i think he had to actually numb my roots. TWICE. thank goodness he is fairly quick. but my tooth is still sore. or should i say bone?

estate stories.
i went to 3 friday. luckily i overheard a discussion about a 4th i had planed. so took that one off my list. 1st one was 1st day before it opened. a rareity for me these days. i used to do it, but i found it uneccessary. except fri. i was killing time while a relative was at dentist.
well. the person or persons had been something of a pack rat. i did find a 1929 movie 'flyer'. ooh ebay! and 2 old mason 'tickets'. a matron's ball. but but but i thought it was all men? and a pony. i bought myslf my very own pony. a 5 inch carved wooden pony. and done extremely well. and $2??? MINE! well, i will put it on ebay, but i want a very good price. maybe $9.99 is not enough to start.
i did manage to not buy a box of very good old buttons for $22. too much. but i did get the $2.50 box of marbles. as if i need more of THOSE.
yes. i collect marbles too.
2nd? very interesting bungalow. odd arrangement of stairs and rooms. and what was that back room? plus the prices were insane. 'prestige'.
3rd? more of an artist's moving sale i guess. real neat old butcher shop? 3 coolers in back. great stuff, but again, prices way too high. but oh did she have some neat old furniture and stuff. and it was neat to see in and peek.
so i spent $11 for the week. how much will i make?

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