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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

fooey. it is a very light week estate sale wise. but boy oh boy do i have altenative fun. i get to have a root canal tomorrow.
ugh, i suppose i will get that fucking mouth tent. i HATE that. if only i had insurance. well, will try to hit a resale store at least. my favorite. gotta get there at least once a month. i get the greatest shit there. way better than goodwill. goodwill sucks here. so does salvation army. go figure.


one less Bush week to go(too fucking many to go)
one less Bush week to go
Bolton is up, UN will be down
Negroponte is up, central america? down.
one less bush week to go.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

well, i asked the bidder WHY? and it ain't because of the signature, he said they were good psycological thriller stories.
really. i never heard of him. i better keep an eye out for him and edgar guest books.

but that isn't why i am here.
today i was out in the yard gettin ready for summer. i have a HUGE pussy willow um,....tree. if it is 15+ feet tall is it still a bush?
well, it sort of exploded in the last few days. all covered with pollen. and we noticed 2 butterflies and bees in the bush. of course the daffodils still are not open and i must admit i could smell the pussywillow for the first time.
i think it must be about 15 years old now. i love it when it gets pollen. the pussy parts are so big.

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