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Friday, April 08, 2005

estate sales and ebay

well, i did 4 today. best 'house peek' was for sure the Lake drive one on the shore of lake mich. massive italianesque beauty. and for being a 'designer' house with not much to buy, i managed to find some goodies. 1 book from 1860, the other from 1905, which looks like a good read for $2.

did buy some other goodies.too many. LOVE the wood carved hand giving the 'bird'. what was it doing at a republican catholic's house?!? and the african things too. i did get one piece that looks like a home alone era makauly caulkin(sp).

more like WTF? WTF??? i did mention the clues of the caribee was getting insane attention. well, it closed at $26.51. 17+ bids.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

no recipe. gotta get to bed early tonight.
early? it's 11:37.

just had to mention about the chimp going to the pope funeral.

who let the anti-christ do skipsies? should he have to wait in line like everybody else???
hope there were some Wdiots who were denied a chance to see the holy corpse because of georgie.

oh, and on further ebay news, clues to the caribee('donated' by J. edgar hoover) now has 6 bids and it up to 12.50.
not bad for a 1/2 assed pickup at a sale for 50ยข.and the old knife sharpener i got at the same sale works great!now let's hope piggy noonen bids on the raygun ticket.

well, i did 2 lame republican esate sales today. at the first, i could find very little. a hammer and out of the box of post cards and shit, ooh, i found a ticket to see ronnie raygun in 1984, Nov.3.
bwah ha ha ha. i hope to get some $$$ from a piggy noonen like idiot.

at the second, i saw a goldwater pin. and other returd clues. but i feel real good case i spent only $1 for a cheese slicer and a slide projector(single). just when i needed one too!

but that isn't why i am REALLY here. before i listed a 1920 book-CIVILIZATION and GOVERNMENT of the UNITED STATES, i wanted to check it out(after seeing Hardings pic in the front). well, it seems quite pro-immigration. pic of ellis island and statue of liberty.
and HEY, guess what inspired the constitution and stuff? the book doesn't say anything about the bible. instead it talks about king john and this old 'quait' thing called the magna carta. even has a pic of a painting of him signing it.

oh, i listed the clara barton book and it already has it's opening 4.99 bid. good thing for a free book.i can't wait to see what some of the other books get.

well John. i know all about indentured servents and all, i just thought it was interesting that they termed it kidnapping in 1891. and i am quite sure they didn't ship the parents of the poor kids. no need to take grannie.

and then you have the criminals going to australia.

one less Bush week to go
one less week of the Bush shithead
the pope is finally dead
anti-christ W gonna go to Italy
one less Bush week to go

not much to work with.

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