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Thursday, March 31, 2005

another snippet from the EB

no, i don't really do titles.
well, i read most of the entry on ABERDEEN. i think it was 3 pages total. but in the history ofAberdeen(founded in the 1100's by the way) there was this snippet. in the 17oo's boys were kidnapped and sent to america as slaves in the US. i thought they were indentured???
and for a snippet of little worth, the water was quite clean and only had 3 1/2 grams of solid matter in their water.
metric back then???

i am reading too many books at once. also am trying to finish the set of world's famous orations, so i can sell them on ebay.i am on Vol. II-Rome. and i read The gracchiI fragments by tiberius gracchus, grandson of scipio africanus major, who sounds like a democrat, so imagined his voice as Dean's.
'The private soldiers fight and die to advance the wealth and luxory of the great, and they are called masters of the world without having a sod to call their own.'

'Is it not just what belongs to the people should be shared by the people? Is a man with no capacity for fighting more useful to his country than a soldier? is a citizen inferior to a slave? is an alien, or one who owns some of his country's soil, the best patriot?'

of course he did not live long.

jeez. blogging recipes is almost as bad as trying to come up menus for the week.

OK, it's almost wed.
well, i am gonna make this friday.

aunt carla's caserole, or seashell casarole

ground beef ( i myself am not fond of ground beef so i put in only 1/3 a lb, while most would put in a pound)
1 can cambell's tomato bisque
1 can? water
1 green pepper
1 onion
dash of pepper
1 box of seashell noodles.
now i usally bake it without the noodles for an hour at 350. i used to 1/2 bake the noodles and put them in at the last 15 minutes, but now i make them and do it like a sauce the first day, although baking them with for 10 minutes is better.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i was playing sheepshead while watching law & order 2 (must multitask!) and to add to that i got hit on again by mrmell(i sweat he hit on that ID or another one-i have 4). why do i attract men more on the puter?
well, he was quite frisky, but i don't play that. but he kept at it and started to behave better, but still.
sigh. i am just not that kinda girl.

did i mention my tennessee aunt? well, they took cat scans i guess and didn't see any glowing parathyroid. so it looks good for now.

damn. funny things bodies.

well now. blogger told me to try later. so.....

one less Bush week to go
one less week of Bush
terri still living
how about jerry?
one less Bush week to go

Monday, March 28, 2005

oh, i just caught most of the emma goldman doc on PBS.

oh my. that was a little unexpected.

yes dale. the false promises of state atxes. unlike national attention, the tax hikes caused by georgie's pushing everything on the states will probably never be repealed.
and sales taxes are the most regressive. good, tennesseean ae really screwed by the shits in power.
of course all the returdicans in wi bitch bitch abut our taxes, which are fairly progressive. except for that fucking gas tax. sure, would be okay if they just fucking FIXED existing roads, but NO, gotta build highways EVERYWHERE. all started with tommy fucking thompson who sold his soul to roadbuilders. fucker!

of course they are finally addressing milwaukee's highway interchanges. taking down city street bridges. much messes, but it long time they did it.

well, auntie made it through the surgery.
my aunt in Tennessee also had surgery. i gotta write down exactly what they were trying to remove. it screws up her calcium and is making her bones brittle. not good heading into your 60's.

can't get into comments yet. blogger bad.

i read into the galveston.
but i wanted to post about EB discoveries. i read about abelard(abelard and heloise-what happened to the baby?).
also had an entry about a moorish family in the 15th century-Abencerrages/yussef ben-serragh under mahommed VII. taint gonna learn that in a modern EB. no, gotta read about boring atoms.

looks like galveston is the last chapter in this little book.

Johnstown had another flood??? and that's a pretty steep tax for an old flood. after that disaster, it was the russian famine. but the disaster i just started i had never read about. and i wonder if anybody knows about it. how come it wasn't more known. we all know about lilly white galvaston hurricane.
oh, what the hell i am talking about. on 8/28/1893, a hurricane and tidal wave(storm surge?) swept over the coast of south carolina, covering the entire port royal islands. at first, 35,000, mainly black residents, were assumed to have perished. but only 4 to 5000 drowned.
now i am quite sure i never heard of THIS hurricane.

oh, and she met some black civil war vets there. how cool.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

well, boy did i have a 'fun' easter.

firstly, i should explain about my great-aunt. she is 93 and when she was in her late 70's i took her to a mall and lets just say, she was the fucking energizer bunny.
she has had 5 husbands. last one died in the car in the garage, but he was a schnook.
in the 70's, she survived a brain tumor and surgery. she has had back surgery. she has been living alone in her ranch house. and she hates bush.

well, of course we are having easter out at auntie's. for once, we get out there early. well, auntie fell in the bathroom and was on the floor in an odd position. my mom, aunt and i manage to get her on a chair. she had been there since early in the AM.
call uncle and bro, they get out there as soon as they can and FINALLY mom calls for an ambulance, as there was no way to get her to a car.
gets there quick and it's a man and a woman. just in time as auntie needs to pee. they get that done, but getting her to the stretcher. ooh boy. auntie cannot lay down flat. which complicates things, but they finally got her on the stretcher.
she then tells my bro to get the red bowl. red bowl? red?

also need to explain. for my whole life, in the archway between the 'dining room' and livingroom has been a cardtable filled with bowls full of M&Ms, little candy bars, nuts and all sorts of grazing snacks.

the red bowl was a bowl with bissinger chocolate hearts WHICH she insisted the ambulance people toke(she has done this to anybody who ever visited for years). of course they must accomodate the old lady or they can't get her to the hospital.
this certainly made us laugh.too bad mom missed it as she had gone to walk to the hospital 3 blocks away.
when the left and while we waited, put the ham in to warm up, watched the badgers lose, and got the dinner ready. luckily already done.
ham was not heated, but micro works.
mom came back while there was a wait on X-rays.
well, as to be expected-broken hip. but she did get morphine for the pain(auntie can't do tylenol due to heart and stomach). so. she and my mom rode in ambulance to my mom's hospital in milw. west bends has some issues.
mom reports that auntie was being very auntie on trip and at hospital.
oh boy is she gonna drive those nurses mad.
so, i would say her spirits are fine after all she went through. better than our generation would.
what a day.

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