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Thursday, March 24, 2005

oops, forgot recipe hump day. plus i just found this one-


i large vegetable
2 parents
1 husband
smattering of republicans
heap of media
1 plastic tube

simmer. remove tube and bring to boil. when vegetable dies, dish is done.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i sort of started to peruse the clara barton history of the red cross. i skipped the beginnings and went straight to the disasters listed. texas famine? boring. florida yellow fever breakout? boring. OOH! here's a disaster i know about, the johnstown flood. now there's a disaster.
and like the WTC disaster, the country pulled to help and sheboygan, wi sent furniture and enameled ironware! of course i have only just begun.
dammit. i still have that new issue of the washington monthly to read!

oh, and i forgot about one entry in my EB. i believe his name was abel. he was a young matmatician genius and he died in his 20's. for him to be remembered,(ok, he had been pretty recent back nin 1891), he must have been very good.

one less Bush week to go
one week less of Bush
it's all about terri
terri terri terri
one less Bush(AND TERRI!) week to go.

boy i hope she goes soon.

Monday, March 21, 2005

ok. i am not not not gonna mention terri, EXCEPT, that now that the retardicans have waved their 'compassion' for ALL TO SEE, and we have their words IN RECORD, i say we REPEAT THEIR WORDS whenever EVER they try and cut ANYTHING like medicare, social security. THE WHOLE FUCKING GAMMIT.

ju jitzu their asses.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

oh, i had an unschedules estate sale in the neighborhood yesterday. a 2 story deco box. 30-40's era. but very 50's interior. i spent $1 and got a shitload of older books FREE. i really should send the dale canegie to georgie.
ooh, history of the red cross by clara barton???
ooh, i found some treasures.
and yes. another wooden meat mallet.

ok. i am not even going to MENTION the veggie in FL as i do NOT consider it even worthy of being a fucking NATIONAL issue.

why i AM here is about a story in the paper. a certified genius/prodigy committed suicide at 14. kid went to school at 6. was a composer. has a new CD.

and people ask, why? why did he kill himself.
i see only 2. he lived in nebraska. was he gay? did he see his future?

OR could he NOT take living under an IDIOT on the pathway to armageddon? doesn't matter. i still blame georgie.

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