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Friday, March 18, 2005

continueing adventures in estate sales.

i did 2 on thursday. 1st one i drove WAY out of my usual area, but it was treasure traders(1 of the best) and the listing said antiques and such. well. it was the first day and not long after opening, so there was about a 1/2 hour wait. of course it took me about the same to find it.
but the ranch houses had large trees and much wildlife. listened to cardinals and such while i waited. and every once and a wile, the sun would peek through.
i spent quite a bit, but only because i bought an old bottle. 6ยข store bottle.probably late 1800's. but worth $5 to me. also got a 'art nouveou' ink stand. probably reproduction, but it was only $3. with ink holder.
also got an old ebayable lock that might pay for all of it. and a plaster horse. needs to be painted black and then do something to it. similar to the egyptian horse via pennsylvania one.

2nd one was a house that had to be seen. on wisconsin avenue. in the GOOD section. big old houses. and from scoping it out earlier in the week. ooh boy. a big craft'sman and i always always loved that huge tree in that yard.
of course the nitwit seller had it when there was no street parking. steve is a twit. i got a great fan off him. 'as is'. if he had tightened the screw on the oscilator, it would have worked perfect.
well, it was more of a moving sale, but i managed to find something. the original porcelain street numbers address holder w/ numbers. 6722. i have a single 1 and another one. i don't know why, but i like them. and for $1!
the house itself was a mixed bag. for the exterior, the interior was not that big. sure it had high ceilings with beams, but they had been painted white at some point and even stripped, they just don't look the same. nice floors. redone. but oh my, aweful aweful wallpaper. blegh.
the house had sold. i wonder how much. 250? 350? had to alot. even if it was smaller.
now if only there were some sales on washington boulevard, sherman boulevard.....

oh. i have to return to monday's sale. now i know i mentioned the print i got.
WELL. that nice little intaglio etching was done by a known artist i had never heard of. Hedley Filton, 1859-1929. one of his prints on ebay, only one there is up to $104. whoohoo!
wonder if a dutch scene will do as well. being an artist who is educated in many deciplines is really helping.
wonder how much the smillie would make? not that i would sell my hudson river print.

oh, and georgie is still an asshole.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

BUGGER. what the fuck did i hit???

sigh. yeah dale, i noticed that missing phalange too.
he had 3 shows on the beeb.
kinda obscure, so a fan must work at the urinal.

recipe hump day!


1lb ground beef
1 onion
1 egg
1 slice of bread-cut up or ground

mix and fry/grill

so good a bun and ketchup is sacrilege. i call them a ground steak.

DAMMIT! fucking stoopid freezing puter.

sigh, try again.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
one more texan unleashed upon the world
will karen hughes be an islamic pearl?
one less Bush week to go.

i REALLY hope we do NOT have to wait til 2008 CAUSE I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT!

DAMMIT! fucking stoopid freezing puter.

sigh, try again.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
one more texan unleashed upon the world
will karen hughes be an islamic pearl?
one less Bush week to go.

i REALLY hope we do NOT have to wait til 2008 CAUSE I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT!

Monday, March 14, 2005

oops. i hit the wrong button. what did that do?

more estate sale tales.

ooh. 1/2 price day! well, this house was a surprise. BIG christian scientist follower. but she survived it a long time.
small house. depression years? a bit later? was rather small for that neighborhood. but most of them there were older and small.
and all them antiques! very eastlake!
on the wall was a big pic of the nut lady herself. and many books of her words up stairs, but i didn't wan to get stuck with them. and wow did she have the doll house stuff.
i did spend more that usual, and not much to sell.
i got a nice 'dutch'etching for $5.
a bag of OLD marbles for 4.
a 1890 apocrypha
1 woolen llama, and 2 alpacas for 2.25
another masher, but but but i didn't buy the other one!
a cool metal crimper
and a wooden apple.

i had a different post all done on saterday or was it last night?
and just as it's ready, the fucking puter freezes, i try the tab button and return, but i went to far.

so i will try again.
as mentiond on attaturks place, i don't know if it's 'good' news or bad news. looking at a new shoe catalogue, there could be fortune telling done.
last few years, shoes have been butt ugly 60's/70's retreads, ahh, remember the stagflation? recession? good times. HA!
but not this year. this year is a return to the 20's. the roaring 20's. and the cover of the kohl's ad too. almost flapperistic. although i tought it looked like a camisole to me.
could a depression be upon us? will greenspan die and put the markets into a kerfuffle?

could bode poor for georgie indeed.
of course for america too.

but we warned them.

well, i think i have filled the latest celebrity death triumverate.
1st-sandra dee
2nd hunter s thompson
and the obscure to i am sure most, but then to me, HST was obscure. Dave Allen 68.
i am sure many people would say who?
well, way back when. now was it the early 80's? i can't remember when, but it was before HBO and the best we could do was UHF or was it VHF? whatever, i think it was our channel 18 that had on brit coms. like the british three's company. much funnier. and benny hill. but for a few years i think, they had a comedy show. the Dave Allen show. some of it he was urbane, sitting in a chair doing monologues. and then there would be little movie skits. there were always heathcliff and kathy bits. lots of monk bits, funeral procession bits. most of all i remember the heathcliff and kathy.
do i remember anything particular? no. but i do remember it being funny. hmm. it was on at 10pm i think. the late 70's? staying up way too late?

well. thanks for the memories dave.
wonder if they have his shows on DVD?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

OK, you can call me racist, but i do not think anyone with a clear head can belong to a non-denomiational church.
a 'church' service at a sheritan??? that's as bad as a strip mall. i would be happier if it was in a home.
so i am not at all surprised there was a mass shooting.it is sad.
damn. guns certainly have been in the news this weekend. how many killing do we have to have before america wakes up to it's gun obsession???

and i am pissed cause our local NBC local media crapfest had to repeat it'self about our local shoot em up in brookfield. and what horrible horribl reporting local news is. uf da.

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