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Friday, February 25, 2005

4 estate sales today. FOUR

should i start doing 'titles'? well, before i forget.
#1-far south side of milwaukee. a bit east of where i live. i thought it was maybe an old farmhouse, but it was built in 1942. cute. OK. not wow. BUT, as it was late, it was $3 bag time!
and what did i buy for $3? some only small candles(not votive), a single pepper or salt shaker-pheasant?, 2 primative stuffed animals-decor/cow and cat,an embroidered pillowcase, an amana woven blanket, small screwdriver, cutting board, and a roast fork.
#2- farther east and north to an old victorian section which is now hispanic. it was a flat in a newer little brick duplex. 1st floor. ooh, talk about some nice 1800's furniture. OOH! ball and claw feet! but alas, not much for me. i bought a VERY old hammer and a VERY old postcard framed between plastic. a 1907 birth announcement. could NOT resist.
#3-BAY VIEW!!! east side pack rats! well, it looked smaller on the outside. 2 story brick on a high high hill. try cutting THAT grass. ahh, but it had an attic as well. 4 floors in all. but as it was 'prestige', i didn't expect to buy much.
but i did spend $12. i bought another screwdriver, an old box of embroidery floss(ebay?) and an old kitchen scale-EBAY. 1/2 off of $20. i can make profit there!
#4 another 'prestige'sale, but of lesser interest.
i only found an old boric acid container(ebay). but the main dudes daughter mentioned the other sale, i said i had already been there, but another woman hadn't. so i gave the other lady directions. but she told us about the other house. sold unseen in 1 day. told me to guess how much. i said 250(K). yup. $250,000. location locatio location.

speeking of atlases. i was perusing volumn I of my children's Book of Knowledge and the had a section on the wonderland known as canada.now as america and central and south america have basically stayed the same, i was surprised to see sections i never heard of and smaller provinces than today. now these were published in 1912, 1st edition 1890. so i looked at 2 other tiny atlases i have. on from 1899 and another one a bit later. neither matched this one.next to the yukon territoy is Mackenzie and next to that is keewatin. and manitoba and ontario are WAY smaller.OH, and above quebec is Ungava. ungava???

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

as i said, i started the 1891 set of encyclopedia britanica A, and last night there was a very interesting entry on a 12th century mesopotamian physician born in bagdad. even had his birth year. not common for a european to keep records like that. and he was 69 when he died. aparently one of his books was translated into a book in the 1800's about his time spent in egypt. 'dr' Abdallatif was quite the traveler back then.
i even tried to see if i could find more on the internets and nothing. not one site. this is why i think my EBs are so cool. how many others have been totally lost their place?
well, i am here to put them back into the eather. not that very many will read about them here. but it is one or so more than just me.

so, the next interesting entry, i will tell the internets.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
off to europe georgie goes
on to iWan? maybe so
one less Bush week to go.

i love how goeorgie managed to close the door on iWan, yet had his foot in the door. did he say 'of course' he won't attack?

while i am in here, i might as well tell about my estate adventure today.
it was right off lake drive in the older section.
2nd day. purple ticket tends to be as bad as'prestige' estate sales. and those damned big tickets they use. at least they know not to put the tape on the good parts.

well. it was a medium sized home built around 1920 or so. i know cause i live in a similar 1926 house.
very italianesque on inside. and in the entry room, no front hall? that's unusual. but there was 2 lovely unusual stained glass windows. tall and narrow. and very bright. but then it was also sort of gothic. more spanish plaster, or the smae we have. more organic. step down to livingroom. big fireplace. 3 round arched windows with gothic like structures surrounding them. and spanish plaster EVERYWHERE. let me tell you. a fucking BITCH to paint!
and on the end, a tile floor solarium with more windows. and 2 pillars. very italian!
then the only way is to the dinningroom. this house had a horrid floor plan. and around a courner to pantry/hall door to basement. HUGE fancy basement. not as cool as our deco bar though. redone kitchen. blegh. but NICE re-surfaced floor. too pale for my taste though.
then a office. very boring but oh my look at that DESK. HUGE heavy heavy wood. top at least 2 inches thick. and on pillar legs. seems south american. good for a bishop. very very neat.
back into the hall and wow. look at that bathroom! is that tiole original??? violet and green? no way. no way. but great job! blends in great. and love the showeer. and then the bedroom. wow. now THAT is pink! and that old bench at the foot of the bed! i want that! sigh. need $ for that.
and the long bench opposite it was nice too. where did that stuff come from???
no upstairs and had to completely backtrack to get out. bad bad floor plan.
i almost bought a tiny little newer creamer. but then i found something to buy at the desk. there were 3 old asian tin boxes with odd scenes on them. not in the greatest shape. but that's patina, eh?
i bought 1 with a bus and road scene. very spare. but i like the lampost. and the other has a 60's mod pagoda bauhaus kinda building. asian bauhaus???
at 1/2 price, 2 for $7 was acceptable.

well, as sen elsewhere, but needs to be spread like a fire.
georgie is-il douchebag.
credit to rudeboy.
blame to bush.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

hey dale, thanks. i had to change. it was damned unreadable, and the change fixed it. why it went all icky, i have no idea.
i do miss the black though. black is my favorite color.

well, it's too damn crowded at atrios now, so i confine myself to his spawn and attaturks.
waiting breathlessly for Ho ho to make REAL news. it's a coming though.
isn't it?

i don't think i can take a full 4 more years of this BULLSHIT.

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