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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

i know i haven't posted about my estate adventures, but it has been dry the past 2 weeks. although the 1st one last week was scenic in it's aspect. nice parkland. but not much. although i did get ANOTHER saw.
second one was OK. but i still only spent 2.75. good wooden meat mallet with a green handle for me!no idea why i bout the short mini wood ladder. why?

last one of the week was at a post WW2 little house with an addition. how many junk drawers? try 5 in the kitchen. heck, all of them practically. but i did get good ebayables for $3. especially the old japan turkey salt and p0epper shakers. they are disgustingly kitchy! and funnily, they echo the color of the paint at that inner city bungalow. except there is also orange. and another met mallet.

today's were rather nothing. nothing stuff and nothing houses. although the tiny bungalow wasn't TOO bad. at the ugly mini ranch i found some old books (could that REALLY be J. edgar Hoover's sig???) and a nice knife shaarpener.
and at the other sale an old wooden 'box' step stool with 2 old soft balls in it. i can use the box for a step. wonder if the older baseball could be ebayabled?
best part. i spent under $3.

yeah, i know. technically this IS wed, but heck, i had HAAD to watch carnivale again. it's not teevee, it's HBO.

and blogger has been very bad.

one less Bush week to go
one less week of Bush
he calls his budget 'lean'
but it's really only 'mean(except tax cuts to the rich)
one less Bush week to go

shit. blog still looks fucked up.

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