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Thursday, February 03, 2005

hmm. blogger look fucked up.
later dude.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


fuck. like a bloody ear worm.

i did two so-so sales today, but EEW, i had horror flashbacks as i drove past a corner of my old HS. ick poo ack ack.

DON"T EVEN TRY and think of what class you had in that section. no. NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

one less Bush week to go
one Bush week less
iWaq gets to vote
it didn't blow up.
one less Bush week to go.

crap. is this like week 1???

oops. forgot the sotu

one less Bush week to go
one Bush week less
prepare for the gloating
at the SOTU,cause iwaq voting
one less Bsuh week to go.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

oh, back to the highlands estate sale. i put the tiki on ebay and sold my $1 investment for 9.99. so i am already in profit. woohoo!
i also put one of the old texas maps on ebay. and there my 14ç went for 4.99. well now, i better sell the rest. that might be my best estate sale yet.

i also put on the pretty east lake saw on ebay. still 3 days to go with no bid, but 3 people are watching it. and right after i listed it, i got a mail asking questions. and i learned what i should say abou them. how long blade, how many teeth to inch, and lo and behold, there is something written on the blade.
and i thought it was pretty clean.

well, i forgot saterdays estate sales.
1st one was an 'old farm house'. but BUT, a doll collector/maker. uh oh.
well, it did have old stuff, but most of that was too much for me to pay. and the house was PACKED with stuff/crap. basement, while grotty, didn't smell(was on an incline). not much, except an old screwdriver.
while promising, i did not find any neat kitchen stuff. bummer. but i did find 4 books. one 1897 german 'calendar'? almanac? very neat, even if i can't read it. an old 'medical' book-1885. which says tobacco bad, by the way.
and a samuel pepys Vol 1, of his papers. apparently 1 of 1500, by subscription only. not in great condition, but it was numbered. 301. THAT could be worth something. right?
and some other stuff for a grand total of $5.25. i paid 25¢ for a very heavy silver plate match holder? i actually have no idea what it is. but it is by Ronson, hich,i only know made cigarette lighters. one of which i have on ebay now.
so, i better check Ronson out. it is nice.
the second one, while in a promising area, did not have anything i was willing to buy. bummer. but i am happy to say, i did not see any -painted woodwork for once. but OY, cleaning out that farmhouse. UF DA!

oh, i am thinking of moving recipes to monday. maybe will cleaning out the PC just took too much time. and still more to do.

oh Dale. my goodness. the 50's, 60's and 70's were crimes. but then i think 40's obsession with wallpaper. well, that went back to victorian time.
sigh. at least they had color.
i grew up with mainly white. although my grada was a big fan of wallpaper. and did i HATE the stuff she put up in my bedroom. ick poo ack ack.
but the white was OK, because we had bitching woodwork. just do not look at the floors.

i gotta say i love 2 walls in my bedroom now. when i first inhabited it, it had brown plaid wallpaper on 2 walls. i finally ripped it off to reveal an odd mix. it was mainly green, with wall paper glue still there giving it an odd effect, which i like. under that, peeking out in places as some green came off, pink. and in areas, wallpaper peeked out from under the pink, so it was quite interesting and highly unlikely that it could be duplicated.

of course now, very little is visible as i have the majority covered with my art and objects. but what do i do with the offwhite walls?

ya ya. where's the recipe???

well. my i-mac has been freezing way to much and i already did a clean and install and as a luddite, i have no idea why. is my puter dying? is it sick? does it have some kinda virus???

well, i zipped all my photoshoped images off. and deleted a shitload. must have kcleared about 300MB. if not more.

i already dumped Adobe photo as it was old and needed to be erased before i instaled it again. oh? i have to really clean out?

if only i read those install messages.

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