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Saturday, January 22, 2005

ahh, i forgot.
friday night, i finally finished the 1903 F encyclopedia. for awhile i asked myself, A or Z, forward or back. and well, i gotta start at what people say is the beginning. and there are 3 volumns of just A. i just hope i can read them before i die.

well, it's almost friday.

and what do i do? chicken soup? or sauerkraut pork ribs?

well, today i made the ribs. it is soooo hard.

get some ribs. open 2 cans of BAVARIAN sauerkraut(it's just better), cover ribs in a baking pot.
cook about 1 1/2 hr at 350. uncover to brown kraut.
very german. and it is better the 2nd and 3rd day. so make a lot.

chicken soup, is a lot like my bean soup. but it uses carrots instead of tomatoes and no potatos. rice or noodles.
and the spices are slightly different.
oh, and uses browned or cooked chicken. raw is just gross.

spices. i use the basil, garlic, parsley, marjoram, and celery seed, but in chicken soup, i also add about 1/4 ts of curry powder. i like it with at least 8 shakes of the spice bottle. maybe more. and a little mustard powder. gotta use it somewhere.

and if you like it thicker, some corn starch. i have nver tried using cream.but i suppose it couldn't hurt right?

as i said, i made the ribs today and Basil ate some surprisingly, but then the boy ate some kraut! wonder if sybil would.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

while listening to fresh air and that woman who wrote about condi, i can see why she and georgie get along so well. both of them think far to much of themselves to see their deficiencies and certainly cannot see the others deficiencies.

and of all people to get huffy when their credibility is maligned.

fuck condi too.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

sigh. it was fucking supposed to be ZERO!!!

i too also blame kerry. it should have been a slame dunk man. A FUCKING SLAM DUNK.
i hope georgie is COLD and uncomfortable. and rhenquist has a set back or something.

ONE less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
no WMD? who'd a thunk
condi threw away her honor for him???
one bush week to go.

Monday, January 17, 2005

i forgot to mention the yahoo IM i got while playing my sheepshead last saterday. i hate being chatted up while playing, but he did mention politics and not my bra size. so i IM him back. well, he finally admitted to being a 'libertairian' Bush voter. AHA! well, let's just say i think i scratched him a few times while we parried. and while it was fun showing him to be stoopid, my blood pressure showed me that i could never EVER marry or date a retardican. god his reasoning drove me mad.

and of course he said everything a half hearted george voter said after 11/2.

fuck the Wdiots. not the south. the Wdiots.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

before i forget i really should put down what i saw. this is a public diary. right?
of course earlier today i was bitching at georgie.

well, it is very nippy here. but on wed i went out and did a no-no. i went to the 1st day of an estate sale. on the other hand, i didn't buy much and it was still reasonable.
it was a little post WW2 cracker box of a house. obviously a catholic woman who sewed a lot. and messy!
nice jewelry though. well, sort of. i bought a gaudy gaudy bracelet that i already have with matching earrings. sellable! also got a ruler(why?) a very old curling iron, no electric and an ol;d needle pack with good graphics(did you know people collect them?)-ebay. and a bat. a baseball bat. not a louisville slugger, but made in athens, georgia. and has pulaski on the end-on of our high schools.

and then i went over to near the highlands, wawatosa, but not quite. a little old bungalow like my grandparents down a way(2 1/2 blocks). sigh. 70's BAD! but fixable. i think. but good stuff. i got ANOTHER pretty east lakesque saw. another one??? gotta get them on ebay! also bought more silverplate silverware.
BUT, i wasn't gonna pay $20 for 5 SILVER art nouveou demitasse spoons.

so i go back for the last day. ooh! a nice spatula! teapot gone. OH! nice succelent in a mug. no spoons. darn. but take the 2 old rex stout's for ebay.a better deal at 1/2. so all in all a good week. but looking at this week. taint much.
dang. now i gotta clean.

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