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Saturday, January 01, 2005

hi dale!
well, frankly i am part norwegan. and i did love the danish food. mmmm, sand cake. dark italian bread!and this time i would HAVE to habe some ACTUAL danish kringle. although we get some fine fine kringle here in WI and we do 'illegal' flavors like lemon and cranberry.
but i liked mahattan too.the mix of races. the stuff to see. i was in copenhagen for a short fly in and then went to the 'mainland'. i did get to go to the glyptotek though.
and i must say, i LOVED the old old doors. i have far more photos of doors than humans. but that's me. i rarely take human pictures. i do now i will avoid amsterdam. that airport was too fucking big. and i landed on 1 end and had to walk(unless on them flat escalators)to the other.
i much prefered stokholm's airport and the plane food from stokholm was awesome. very very tasty.
who knows, maybe my danish friend will bring me to south africa eventually. then i must take 'my' potter with me to have an american male as body guard and someone to talk to.
wonder how benedicte's little romance is going. i do know she is there til today.so maybe she is with her 'dick'.

i don't know. i am pretty well satisfied wherever i go. but i am so easily amused. anything different to see is enough. heck, i still haven't explored every nook and cranny of milwaukee. or madison. or the north west of WI.

who knows, maybe a trip will be to iowa to see my potter.

whew, i finally remember the 'big' thought i had. i have to save it till DU has cleared u[p a little for wider viewing.

so, it has been reported that jenna is georgie's favorite of the twins, WHICH is interesting as not-jenna looks a spitting image of his WIFE, and his 'favorite' looks like georgie/barB.

makes georgie look even MORE like a narcissis.

Friday, December 31, 2004

well, let's hope it's a happy new year.that georgie doesn't strangle the rugrat too soon.

i have a little new year tradition. i always have a new year's fortune cookie.
this years?

you are one of the people who "goes places in life"

whoo hoo. i guess. i never go anywhere much. OK OK. i have been to denmark, manhattan.but i basically stay in my 'nest'.
so, where am i going?

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

well, oh an early week!

one less Bush week to go.
one less week of Bush
off to vacation AGAIN?
pfft, no tsunami here.
one less Bush week to go.

yuck. spent all morning cleaning and installing my i-mac. luddite not happy. BUT, right before i colapse in a twitching jello mass, it finaly works and i don't have to crawl to the phone for assistance!

why are puters so anal?

Monday, December 27, 2004

kitties? sigh. i wish i could do cat-bloggies. i do such good kitty porn. and basil can be especially um, pornerific. all he needs is a pole.

well, milwaukee was nicely and safely minus snow.
and supposedly we are getting rain at the end of the week. rain??? RAIN?!?

but it's better than a tsunami.

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