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Saturday, December 25, 2004


merry festivus anyone who reads my pitiful blog.

ok, i am a little late, but hey, had a family 'do'.

now which recipe, which i used this week? salisbury meatballs? or deluxe ham?

ah, i was planning on salisbury meatballs.

i use
2 lbs of 'minced' meat. if you supermarket meat-do sirloin.
1 1/2 cup soft bread crumbs or about 4 slices ground up
2 eggs
and 2/3 c milk. i usally just eyeball it.

1 or 2 onions sliced

1 cup catsup/ketchup
1 cup A1 or your preference steak sauce. but the fruitier the better.
red wine if you wish.
and some water to get the balls smothered.

i am sure i need not explain how to make meatballs, but i like to brown in butter real good.

put it all together and bake 2 hours or so. does best on baked potatos, but noddles works.

you can also make 1/2 that in a covered frying pan.

deluxe ham?

any cheap ham. slice it crisscross.
insert cloves where lines cross. about 15 or so of the buggers.
mix any mustard and brown sugar and a little red wine and cover ham
impale pinapple rings to ham
pour more red wine over that.
bake at 350 or so a couple hours.

i personally like rice (brown rice real good) ith this ham as it make an awesome, um...gravee.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

oh, and then there is our current quagmire. the news of a mini beruit in iWaq. of course i fear we need a beruit moment for the sheeple to really get perturbed. although the sheeple do seem more restless.

should we have another one?

one less Bush week to go
one less week of Bush
rummy is swell
iWaq goes to hell
one less Bush week to go.

well, the banks ended. the moon and shi[p bank did much better and i am going for more baby! 2nd chance? sure. now if ebay would behanve i would try for more on the other one. i mean, is $60 enough for grandma's hoarding?
but wow anyways. and $81 for the moon and ship bank.
but i promise not to do it again unless it goes over $50.

i hope i can do 2nd chance for the john glenn bank as it is going to texass.
yeah yeah, georgie is from connecticutt, but dammit, the bastard WAS molded in texas.

oh, that reminds me. kevin phillips book.
on Johnson's vietnam war(in the pages before phillips talks about texas hitory and all that alamo bullshit and them holding off the mexicans and all. johnson did not just escalate, he texified it-applying a coat of good-ole-boy rhetoric that whetted the loathing on campuses from new england to the great lakes and west to the pacific.

hmm, texifiying. sounds faamiliar don't it.

you know, technically it is tues.

one less Bush week to go
one less week of shit
he has managed to wipe out clinton's progress
now he just needs to wipe out FDR's
one less Bush week to go.

rats. i wanted to work in him working CREATIVELY. because we all know how hard THAT is.

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week
working HARD and creatively
on israel and Social Security!
one less Bush week to go

ooh, and it rhymes!

ahh, via corrente, have a happy craze mass.
must remember that.

well how about that bush bob and weave show? did he manage to not answer any question?
well, here is my observations.
like a little kid having to be 'good, georgie could't refrain from making faces how he REALLY felt. and dang are his ears big. here's a little tip from an artist about facial proportions. the size of ones ears are the space between the eyebrows and the tip of the nose. georgies go way past that. hmmm. looks like pinnochio's EARS are growing. bet they we also surgically pinned back.
why is georgie waiting for the congress to pony up a solution. HE is the one PROPOSING to alter SSecurity.

nooooo. rummy GOOD!

georgie KNOWS how to fix the israeli/palestinian conflict.
uh oh. he said democracy.
look how well that's working in iWaq.

whew. i was almost forced to go into a mall today. it's monday, 11:00 am and the parking lot at the closest mall is FULL. what is wrong with people??????????
barnes and noble wasn't too annoying. but i want better prices on the Xmas cards for next year. AND NO REDUCTION ON CALENDARS???no thanks. i will wait till after jan 1. i demand sale. heck, last year as a last choice i ot a great klimt calendar i wouldn't have chosen.
now i have to paint a klimt forest for myself.


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