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Friday, December 17, 2004

obviously i got some $. gotta love ebay! oh. right now i am selling 2 metal mechanical banks. one from the late 50's and 1 from 1962, to commemorate john glenn circumnavigating earth 3 times. i knew they were worth something. but let's just say 11 people watching the auction the 1st day was a sign. there are 3 days to go and the rocketship, the 62' is up to $42. ok grandma, your hoading did have some advantages.
did i mention the crisco cans of old matches? 5.99 for 2 cruise line matches? well, they are cool.

oh, estate sale stories. i have been a very bad girl lately. tuesday i went out of my usual area near the end of the sale. no $3 bag. no little shit. but damned if my wasn't caught by this old old hand made milking stool. and was it heavy. hand hewn legs and seat. but the seat was so smooth and flat from time. if i knew more i could tell what kind of wood. the price said $45. darn. so i dragged it to the check out. best price $20?


i have $20 in my pocket and i have no more money for this week.


as the kovel's say, it's what you don't get you regret the most. so i got it.and i do not regret it.

did i mention how bad i was last week????
i spent $17 at 2 sales. but, i have already listed 2 things and the deco alarm clock did get a bid. but then i did pay $3. but i sold it for $4.99, so it isn't too bad. and such a neat clock. has a litle roll type cover, like a roll-top desk. but it does need some work.
and there were some really nice buttons in that box i got for $4 and AND i can sell the box i bet.

but i was gonna talk about thursday. it has been a long time since i was there before a sale opened and i forgot what a trip it is. this was a new seller for milwaukee, they was foreigners from the hinter burbs. and they disallowed big bags. still not sure why i could carry mine. they had gallon ice cream buckets. let's just say whil waiting much fun was made of the buckets. and yes i took 1.
wel, it apparently was the estate sale of 2 elderly sisters who traveled. and pakrats as well.
all my goodies were from the basement. i bought an old old wood toolbox, the price was right for the age(look) and i don't think the sisters used it. so who?

and a HUGE bag of buttons-0$4.90. and what fun to go through them. lots of mother-of-pearl ones. 1 purple embelished 1! and then there were the tiny glass buttons. what were those on??? so almost 1/2 were keepable. which is a very good ratio. and some other crap too hard to explain why i bought them, except the vintage card set.
oh, did they have cards. was next to a woman who collects or deals in old airline cards.

ok, 1st the friday recipe

beanless chili-because not everybody likes them, or sadder, like my aunt, is allergic to them. this is a tasty alternative

meat-any kind you prefer uaually a lb. i am not a big fan of 'minced' meat as the danes say, so i only put in a 1/3lb of hamberger meat

1 can stewed tomatos
1 can tomato sauce
1 big onion
about 3 stalks celery
if you suffer from heart burn or can't take a lot of acid you can add a potato
1 can of water more if you like it less thick
and the only spices for this is parsley and chili powder i use about a tsp, but if you want it hotter....
oh, my cat basil LOVES my chili. stew? yeah, that's ok, but he prefers chili! and not the meat. he wants the 'sauce'.

brown meat and throw tomato stuff in.
add the rest and cook about 45 mins. i add noodles seperately. oh, without beans, you need noodles. i like macoroni or ready cut spaggetti. something small.

makes quite a lot. which is why you make noodles seperately.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

no dale, not pissed, just feel stupid i missspelled it. but then the NYT and our own urinal do it. so i don't feel SO stupid. expecially some of the boners the chimperor has had.

but then i did take spanish, not latin. and yo habla un pequeno espanol.muy pequeno.

but onto why i am here on TUEDAY

one less Bush week to go,
one fucking less week,
9/11 kerik for georgie's DHS!
nanny?, mob?, 2 affairs???
one less Bush week to go.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

i forgot parsley.

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