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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

hey! where did the double posts go?

oy vey.

darn it. i can't erase the dupe.
stoopid blogger.

one less Bush week to go
one les week to go
Ukraine shows democracy,
why can't we?
one less Bush week to go.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

well, turkey day was enjoyable. although i didn't get any turkey skin. sigh. should have yanked it off before we covered it with foil to let it sit. but the gravy??? ooh, now that i made good.

bad week for estate sales though. but hey! who needs them when there is a trasure trove in grandma's pack rat piles of boxes. mom is FINALLY letting me at stuff. 2 old 50's 'space' age mechanical banks. and a box of 50's baseball pennents. AND 2 milwaukee braves!

and then there are the cans of matchboxes. i though. how hum. no biggie. how old can they be. how old???
lots of 40's and 50's in one can and then i hit the motherlode of COOL! apparently, one of her uncles-louis, was in the merchanmt marines, WHO MARRIED A RUSSIAN. dang, TELL ME MORE!
well, in the 20's and 30's(earlier?)he brought back some really cool ones for his niece. mostly mexican. and such neat boxes. lots of bull fighting prints.except one arabian theme. and not made of wood. looks like waxed string. they do work, but are stinky. maybe why they didn't use them. also an old stove companies match box was odd. you just pull on a stick and poof, it's lit. than one not so nice either. but i think i got lots of ebaying to do.

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