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Friday, November 19, 2004

alright alright, even though i have some bitching cat pics, i am a luddite. therefore, i would like to announce friday recipe blogging. i just made another batch of caramel for apple dipping.mmmmmmmmm. i am sure many people have seen apple caramel dipping shit in a platic tub. ick poo ack ack.
when i was kid, my great-aunt would make the BEST caramel apples. and it is so fucking EASY!

get a double boiler. i like to put them backwards. but it is easier.
put water in bottom.
in top pan add-
1c light brown sugar(or dark)
1/2 karo syrup
a couple shakes of salt(says 1/8, but who has that? is it a pinch or a dash?)
15oz condensed sweeted milk
1 tsp vanilla

stir it all together and turn on overn to low. stir occassionally for about an hour-hour and 1/2. put in dish and put in fridge. proceed to clean pan with apple. eat an apple a day and keep the dr. away. i like to warm the caramel in the microwave and make it good and gooey. usually a minute and decrease as bowl empties.

and if you have rug rats, they will LUV YOU!

also found another one.


morning sun,spring air.
meep meep.
OUT the window, a call of spring.
a baby rabbit in a crow's beak.
meep meep.
it's feet flair in the air.
It's call of struggle.
meep meep.
it's call of pain.
meep meep.
one less rabbit to eat my garden.
meep meep.

i must say, that wasn't the best way to wake up.

actually i am here to tell everybody to go read attaturk on rising hedgemon's Juares post.
he can do it so good, WITH PICTURES!

and you just gave me a thought. poetry? you want poetry?

i rediscovered this poem i wrote for an english class at art school.

it was hummungous.
it arose from my skin
like an island from the sea.
a volcano of pus.

for days it lay dormant.
painful to touch
but hard to see.

unable to waait,
for the the whitehead,
i induced an eruption.

it hurt, but there was much pleassure,
at the eruptio of lavalike pus.

like a volcano that erupts for days,
the zit produced pus.
and soon the zit was to be empty and will vanish.
like a volcano into the sea.

ahh, my little monserrat zit.that was a memorable one.

well brenda, it is actually just 99 bottle s of beer on the wall. with news nippets.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

oh boy brenda, a highlight?
of course it DOES mean 1 less week. and i haven't stopped. just no damn #. too fucking depressing.

but why am i here? why, estate sale stories. ooh, and was it a good one. 2 days worth and spent WAY too much money, but most of it went on the most amazing clothing dryer. i am gonna take a picture and send it to Vermont Country Store. maybe they will remake them. i was tempted to wait for 1/2 price as it was in a 'black' neighborhood(chicken white people). actually many white people were there. but i paid $28. but since i have bought THREE of them and that was in the middle range, how can i complain. also got a small single cookie press, a butter mold/press, and an old scribe with wooden 'wing'screws. ooh, that one speaks age!
went back the 2nd day as she was an estate sale patron and she had a pretty good eye. and i filled a $3 bag + $1. i got a light blue graniteware tub with cover. if my aunt does not want it, good ebay i am sure.
you would not believe how much stuff she had stuffed in her little house. she had a real nice wooden 'ice box' in the kitchen for decor. too bad she didn't like book, although i did find 2.also got an old sifter(ebay), lincoln bank for white house freak e-pal, a very nice salt crock(ebay?), a broken african scupture i can repair, a rooster trivet(i missed the 2 i wanted, and spotted it on another wall), a very old 'hot' comb that black people used to straighten hair, wooden salad utensils, 3 kenyan carved birds, old blue bottle(very old), and a pennsylvanian pottery 'egyptian' horse.

but i missed the mace. darn.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

one less Bush week to go
one less Bush week to go
colon bowell is going
oh dear lord, condi?
one less Bush week to go.

i wish i could just take a nap til 2008. if we make it past then.

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