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Saturday, November 13, 2004

ok, enough of reality.

on friday i went to an estate sale of a veteran of WW2(i am pretty sure), who had worked for allis chalmers.(west allis and all that). small little house, but blame the stuff upon stuff. the basement had a ton of bolt and screws(BIG!). but he also had an old rifle. and someone was interested as was i so i learned it was a japanese rifle from WW2, with a bayonet.
well, let's just say they were using old arms. it looked more of WW1 or before vintage. mostly wood. and very simple.
he did have some really nice painted plates, but they wanted antique prices for them. not THAT nice.
i spent $2.50 on 2 pairs of shoe trees(ebay!) and a carved wood bird-for me. and i did NOT buy the japanese pottery chicken(painting a little too odd).
maybe i should have bought that old book from the cheese manufacture assosciations meeting.

well, i SAID i would do it. so here it is. from attaturk at rising hedgemon-

great words from Adlai Stevenson

we have confused free with free and easy.

those who corrupt the public mind are just as evilas those who steal from the public purse.(but now only a sex 'crime' is bad)

you will find that the truth is often unpopular and the contrast between agreeable fancy and disagreeable fact is unequal. for in the vernacular, we americans are suckers for good news.

this certainly explains the cult of personality that is deluded by georgie.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

well, i only spent $3 for 2 houses. missed out on the umbrella and saws. oh well, saw not that great.
but i did get a mixing 'spoon'.(mesh wire thing) and on the wooden handleis OMAR wonder flour. well, i put it in search and BOY did i get some interesting choices. i fear the FBI will definately start a file on me now. but i only clicked on this name, because it had NOTHING to do with any thing listed. so i start reading about a 1800's frontir experience of the girl, who's brother's name happened to be Omar.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

back to ebay. the divot thingie is up to $7.50.

put more stuff on and one item is a wood spigot. i promised to keep my spigot collection at 2. the one i put on had 2 paper labels. one if from the columbus exposition and the date 1892. very hard to read(all the beer on it?). it will be fun if i get more that 9.99 for it.
if onloy i could post pictures. that would be so cool. maybe attaturk could tell me how to do it.
i get such fun stuff. but now i am off again out of my range. i gotta check out the attics and basements this time and maybe i can get a couple $3 bags or 1.

one less Bush week to go
one Bush week to go
asscroft resigns
can the next AG be worse
one less Bush week to go

i can't bear starting with a huge number. and praying it is less that 4 years worth god dammit.

to anonamous. i am so there. not only do i want my country back from these fascists. i want my god back too. i am bloody sick of their talibornagain JEEBUS bible thumping. while they do not pay any attention to jesus.
shit, i grew up in the lutheran church and did NOT need to be born again.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

ebay story-

i bought a gold divot thingy at an estate sale a few months ago and finally put it on ebay. as it says it's a USGA centenial one, i put 5.99 for opening bid. as if it matters i paid $1.
well, it got a bid day 6 and 3 days to go it is up to $7.

i suppose the feminists will restart project jane.

i hope so.

all this jeebus talk and indepth clap trap has gotten me thinking.
i think many of these born agains do all this outwardly xtian shit because deep down, if they didn't they wouldn't really believe.
or they are crazy.

and that goes for the carismatic ones too. heck, i consider my self a believer(OK, i don't believe much of the old testement) and i have faith. but i don't need to make sure people around me know it. shit, jesus said that WAS the right way. and my faith is probably stronger than any of those jeebus baptists.

but then i am also partly dark norwegan. i have a dour view of the world.
god i hate people that want life to be always bright and sunny. which brings me to my mother, who i would gladly hit with a homey sock. ahh, homey the clown. my kinda clown.

last week i didn't have any estate sales to go to and in desperation, i am going way farther to one in south milwaukee. went to it today, but i want 1/2 price or $3 bags! i overheard someone say that the family or omeone made buttons in the low shed in the back yard. OK, i am still barefooting and this shed was quite scary. pretty in a tumble down way. but inside. very dilapidated. well. the sale is in 2 houses next to each other. due to time, i just did both 1st floors. did not see much.
wonder how much old german books could get on ebay?
and i did spot a nice old umbrella on the floor. maybe the attics have more on wed.

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