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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

well, what a day. i go to the farmer's market and on the way home. i see horse cops motorcycle cops(lot of them) and then OOH! a demonstration in the sentry parking lot with kerry sign. OOH, who at serb hall today? can't be the chimperor, protesters are way to close for that. lauWa? dickie? oh, we had mr. dickie AND mrs. dickie. well, i had an estate sale to go to. i should have joined the protest. GOD was that a frightning house. ick poo ack ack. brady bunch gone las vegas. mirrors.schlck. oh my!
by the time i went back, everybody was gone. darn.

but that means dickie is gone too. and i didn't even see a motorcade. probably didn't take my street.

i sure hope those potatos are good for baking. NO RUSSETS?!? horrible, just horrible. me like russets.
gonna make me a pork roast.
me like piggy.

well, sybil is not far from being a feralcat, even iof she likes my lap. i keep finding paper in her water dish. YOU CAN"T CACHE YOUR WATER you silly cat. gotta get them to use the toilet. or sink.
she tries to bury everything. her food, my food. anything she might want to save for later.
as if she would really eat toast with strawberry jam. of course it is homemade jam. but still.

14 more Bush weeks to go
14 Bush weeks to go,
will georgie wear a wire?
or with chechens save his ass.
14 more Bush weeks to go

Sunday, October 10, 2004

well. today i took my painting down to the gallery and my first semi solo show will open next fri. is it good or bad. first time i actually take my 'portfolio' to show, i get a show.
slides i send never seem to do it. not that i have done that much. then there is always the problem of having to many directions. sort of like picasso. but i am not an asshole.

spent far too much at an estate sale yesterday. i got a very decorative (1880's?) saw. yes. a saw. if it doesn't sell, it's very pretty. and i don't like how the estate guy runs his sales. $49 for an old photo album? this ain't an antique store, but it was too neat to pass up. but on the 'bright side' i acidently shoplifted a bottle. Dr. Scat! cleaner for typewriter rubber platen roll and type. the things i buy. and i did once accidently do this before. but last tikme i also spent over $20 and it was just a brass hotel thingy keyring. so who stole first?
and besides, it was half off and 25 is NOT 1/2 of 49. but on the bright side he is gonna vote for kerry.
and he did ask me what my T-shirt said when i was wearing my handmade 'luddite' T. now did he look the word up?

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