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Friday, September 24, 2004

ooh, last 2 days good estate sales. thursday not really 'good', but it was interesting. at 1st all i was gonna get was a wood spoon for a quarrter. but then at the checkout desk i saw an attractive cigarette lighter. could be a good ebay item, but the 1st one i found something i have desired for a long time. an old coffee grinder. and i got it better than 1/2 price. weeeee. late 1800's with a nice box. very nice dove tailing for $30 instead of 37.50. YES.
and today. oh, i was a bad girl. the woman must have been some east european ethic. had a translation book for a language i never heard of. and was she a mexico lover! and i am surprised. usuall this estate seller is usually sharper. 25¢ for a very early WOODEN matchbox in a brass holder?? i pulled it out. matches were from sweden. hmmm, now which one am i willing to put on ebay? the swedish or he old nippon one i got over a year ago for 50¢.
i wonder if the repaired checkoslovakian rooster pitcher would do well on ebay. it was just TOO funky for a buck to pass up. damn, i wish i could post photos. it would certainly add to this. also got another plack enameled fridge container. i LOVE those. now i have 3. and for what? and an odd paper back book from 1941. cover is so like communistic. MAN OF TODAY! must investigate.

and the next sale. 2 old old books, on ene with 20's ads in it. cool. and annother thing i have wanted(but why????) a old old wooden planer. now i will have to compare to figure out how old it is. seems rather old to me.

and BOY did i make money on that old 'car/bus? fan with the rubber blades and bakelite case. paid maybe 75¢. got a lot for $4. and he bid 4.99 on it and more on shipping. ha! paid for the estae sale and more. plus, i am really really loving the purplish little covered pot i got at the same sale.
i LOVE pack rats.
but then, i am one myself. which is bad. i should be selling more. but some things would not make any money anyways and dammit, I AM RECYCLING!

oh GOD jimmy, if i had to give pansy a bath?!? and she is declawed. i might be able to spray her from a distance if i locked her in a bathroom.
Oy, i just gave her another dose and was she a BAD girl. went under the bed again. i tried to hold onto her before she got under there. aha! so THAT'S why they have tails.
ooh was she pissed, so far she hasn't bit me, but damn, do the 'kittens' look freaked.

ahh, the wonder of cats. thank GOD she is declawed. i'd have to wear a mask and protective gear.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

pansy was a very very bad girl yesterday when i tried to give her her meds. 1st, when i finally found her, she hissed! how the fuck does she KNOW??? first she goes under my bed. can't get her, but i eventual chase her into the 'library', but she crawls under a dresser.grrrr. and did she hiss and wail while i dragged her out. of course i was pretty mean. and yes, i will pull by the tail. yesterday night she wasn't much better. luckily she was more accessable this morning.still have 5 days to go.

oops, i forgot

17 more Bush weeks to go
17 Bush weeks to go
dan rather is being tarred in feathered
whilke yellowcake george gets nothing
17 more bush weeks to go

it will rock if they can tie them forgeries to a nixon era dirty trickster. let's hope Dan gets the goods.

Monday, September 20, 2004

well, i put the leash on pansy to soon this morning. the spares circled her like sharks. i had 'tied' her to a heavy 3 legged stool.
finally rescued her and took her to vet.well, it was a slightly less expensive case of feline acne.
ZITS??? she has zits?!?
well, i suppose it is better than surgury.

pansy also didn't cooperate when we tried to weigh her. but she is at a healthy 11+. was a porkly 13+ almost 14. kitten calesthenics! it works!

i wish i could post a color chart of her nose.
buff/almost white-relaxed.
happpy-pal pink
vet-raspberry pink

i like it when her nose is missing.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

oh dear. THE pansypoo has had a reoccurance of her skin cancer. she will be going to the vet tomorrow. this time it's on her chin. and there is something on the other side as well. hope it's treatable.
oy, a cat getting radiation? or chemo? don't want a bald cat.
sigh. i hope it treatable.
it will be interesting if she stays overnight how the 'spares' react to her being gone.
will they miss her?

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