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Thursday, September 16, 2004

oh, i forgot to say that the house was a post WW2 pre-ranch. blegh. and she was a secretary. maiden aunt? she was catholic. i look for clues like that. S Holmes would be proud of me. he too would have been bemused by the book of morman in the garage.
and i also got a very old very large wooden tent prike. circus tent? huh?
now that i look at it, it is made of a 'broom handle',very well done, with a screw in the top for strength. now that is also a very interesting item. my she is a mystery!
coin? could have been a gift from a boss.
tent spike? well, that i have NO idea.

well, now i get the final bidder on the ashtray. she's from milwaukee and her maiden name is schuster(no relation).

but that is NOT why i am here.
more estate sale tales.
ooh, did i get a goodie today. sure, the mink bits are good cat toys. and the silverplate is pretty and that wooden trivate looks great in the kitchen.but today i think i found something to come close to the roman key i found. and they had no idea. how could they if they priced it at $5? now, i do not know much about coins, but i could tell i could trust the date on this baby. 1719?!? 1719!!! ooh, and 1/2 price today too! now, the 'words' had me a bit confused carol VI? ok charles. i get that. but where in the hell is BVR & SilesiƓ? and whats ARCHID AVST DVX?
heck, whats RISAGHIHBREY?
ebay did have a 1715 coin with charles VI and he was wearing a morre warlike outfit. and it was in far better shape. mine MINE has a silver wire around it and made into a 'pendant'and quite worn, but it is almost 300 years old. i have newer coins that look worse.
so, does anybody out there know anything?
not that it matters. i ain't selling this. this is going on the wall. no nice of whoever to make that easy.
it is also 1 5/8 in diameter and no idea what it was worth then. if it's the holy roman empire, would it be a lira? OOH, i must e-mail my barefoot italian e-pal. maybe he knows.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

my mom is SLOWLY going through my grandma's room. well, she finally found something other than newspapes. ooh, 40's/50's girlie cards STILL in the wrapper.wonder if she was hiding them from granpa.have yet to ebay them, BUT she also found a similar era glass ashtray? with schuster's milwaukee printed in the bottom.
i got a bid the 1st day. OK, i started at $1, BUT 3 people are watching the listing. HUH??? and i thought my collecting stuff was weird. and one bidder is from alabama and contacted me saying if she does GET IT, she may be puterless for a while due to Ivan the terrible.
well, gotta wonder if i should see old schuster boxes.

of course the estate sale today was an OK sale. a little for ebay.old cards seem to sell. so i looked for the best old ones in the box at the sale. ANOTHER wooden spigot, but i promise to put it on ebaycause it has a label. and another meat tenderizer/cleaver. very 1800's looking and dear lord, what in the hell is still clinging? but then there is the one purchase for me. an old graf's soda crate. needed a little cleaning. but it is nice and dandy. and the price was even better. crate for $3 on the 1st day??? MINE!there was 3 other soda crates,but none had the cache as graf's. has a nice patina and damn it was heavy, so you know it's pretty old. certainly looks older than the assorted national beverage co. crates that i got at a rumage sale.
now, where shall i put the damn thing?

ok, a few hours late, but insomnia has it's benies.

18 more Bush weeks to go
18 Bush weeks to go
Kitty Kelly you go girl
georgie flying and taking coke?
18 more Bush weeks to go.

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