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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

my aunt gave me the book-The Word Museum and i have sporadically started it and LO AND BEHOLD!-
BANTING-*doing banting*(can't do italicize), reducing superfluous fat by living on meat diet and abstaining from farinaceous food and vegetables, according to the METHOD ADOPTED BY WILLIAM BANTING(1796-1878), a london cabinet-maker, once a very fat man.word first used in 1864.

nothing is new. eh? hey atkin's, you are a copy-cat.

what? its wendesday???

22 more Bush weeks to go
22 Bush weeks to go
never sensative for georgie
except with the base
22 more Bush weeks to go

Monday, August 16, 2004

more ood stuff from kevin-

from a book on georgeI by goodgame and duffy(time)-GHWB was "remorselessy decietful when it served his purpose."
hmmm, acorn, meet tree.

i am sure evrybody has heard that -all domestic policy was subordinated to the goal of Bush's 're-election'('' are mine)and almost everything that didn't fit was thrown overboard.
whaaa? what in the hell did they keep? shit. was the stuff overboard worse?

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