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Saturday, August 14, 2004

oh my, the paranoia from suspicions can be so hilarious. swingline? LOL. oh dear, does that mean i am old that i know that name?

god, i feel like packing that circa 1890 cherry pitter just to fuck with X-ray techs if i flew.

i bet just about every city has a similar story. i meaan shit. have we lost our heads?

but that isn't why i had to blog. got a nubbin from KP's bush dyNASTY book.

'untruthfulness, of course, was calculating rather than christian, deceptive rather than doctrinal. in 2003, wayne slater, who had watched Govenor bush in austin for the dallas morning news,publishing a book that, among other things, gave credit to political guru karl rove for one of the apparent guiding principles of bush's governance: namely that "PERCEPTION IS REALITY"(emph mine). Rove was a great reader of maachiavelli whowas quoted as follows: "the great majority of mankind is satisfied withappearances,as though they were realities."

cognative dissonence anybody?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

i sure hope pisser Goss gets a shitload of blue dresses in the mail. preferably with shit on them.

a pox on relemmingcan. A POX I SAY!!!

yesterday a 'suspicious' package was discovered at a local Home Depot.
so they brought in the robotic bomb squad and blew up a.......typewritter.
i feel safe now.

23 more Bush weeks to go
23 Bush weeks to go
porter goss
is an ass
23 more Bush weeks to go.

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