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Friday, August 06, 2004

well, hit one of those 'scary' estate sales. ahh, nothing like dog urine to enhance your shopping! BAD DOG! i hope they can save the hardwood floors.
and what interesting booty! well, i talked them down on the broken tackle box. and i think i found some good lures, even if they ain't the wooden ones. at least decorative. oh dear. another offshoot of the lure collection?!? maybe some good ebay booty.
i did see a hula popper at the flea market 'up nort'. so why didn't it go on ebay???
but best off all, that $3 dollar bag. old earrings, deco desk lamp(works of course), humidiguide?. barometer!, and a booklet by a 20's? mystic. oh, that might be a goldmine.

and yesterday made up for bargain day. full price on books and other stuff. as if i needed MORE famous orations.

corner? dude, i think you made a U-turn.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

only 1 1/2 hour late.

24 more bush weeks to go
24 bush weeks to go
4 more years?
try 3 more months
24 more bush weeks to go.

Monday, August 02, 2004

weather, no eather. duh.

otay, back to the KP bush dyNASTY book on harkin. i am sure we all know about harkin.

harkin was described in the texas obsever as having 'direct links to institutions involved in DRUG-SMUGGLING, FOREIGN CURRENCY MANIPULATION and the CIA's well documented role in the destabilization of the austrailian government'. bush recieved over $500,000 in stock for the deal, annual consulting fees and presumably, the unmistakable message that his financing rested on his name and connections.

also has more on how jeb and neil sucked off the s & l teat as well.but to lazy to type it all. let'/s just say, WE payed for jeb's 5 million loan and he paid 500,000k.

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