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Friday, July 30, 2004

well i made it back and cheney still roams the earth. i suppose the big news was atrios aka duncan.
i like that name.

had great eather and not much sunburn and my arms are just right. and the benfits of barefooting came about. my brother who is usually shod burned his feet and ankles.

i was a good girl at the flea market. spent under $5. i blame estate sales. way better deal.
saw the west end of the lakes loon family and even kayaked as close as i dared. an eagle flew quite a bit on the windy day. and then there was my favorite. racoons! we had a mommy visit. and 4 little ones. fucking cute. and one morning the black squirrel showed up. also fucking gorgeous.
now THAT would be worth learning how to post pics. sigh. if only i could find a geekier partner. i really don't want to KNOW how.

my brother also didn't get off at the right exit. luckily where he picked to get gas was a ok route back. in fact i like it better than the new 'and improved' highway. stopped at a historical marker. i suppose state granges were common back in the 1880's. i try and stop at any hiostorical marker i see.

i suppose that's it. a nice and boring trip. well, except for running over a ladder. glad i was in the truck for that.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

i am going away til thursday. past this coming tues. what to do what to do! well, pretend this is tuesday.

25 more Bush weeks to go
25 Bush weeks to go
to boston the democrats are comin
kerry is a coming
25 more Bush weeks to go.

i am a little worried. big shit always happens when i go 'up nort'. tinaninmen square, JFK's plane missing, i sort of forgotten other major stuff. but i am ho9ping for a safe convention.

of course, cheney can't find a better time to die.

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