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Friday, June 25, 2004

responding to comments, i am almost at my hmm, it's either 2nd or first anniversay. and when i started my 'bottles of bush on the wall, i was a bit confused on the week count so i kept on switching it. dang. i blame my 70's era schooling when everything was less interesting in stuff you could use. no more little rhymes like before.

well, now i must do my adventures in estate sales so i do not have to repeat it in e-mails. now if only i could attatch photos.

today was a grandpa pack rat. pretty good stuff. but i think they pruned a tad much and dang it, $5 for a potato smoosher? may be worth that, but i like my kitchen stuff cheap! but i did by a shitload of silver plate silver wear, had a few silver pieces as well. i think i just may make frigerator magnets or something. my collection is getting a tad big. BUT, i did find a romon navarrow spoon! they had 2 other movie spoon and wanted more. so may be a steal for $5. and i manage NOT to buy the heater. bad cord. i don't do cords.

well, last week, the big one was a pretty 20's house on the east side, not far from lake shore drive that is going to be torn down. fucking rich idiots. that house had wonderfl bones. the interior needed work, but the floors! the floors! and the porch! and the bannister!
well, i was pretty bad. i can usually keep my spending under $5 and i spent 25. i finally got a shoe shine kit and for $2.50. i love 1/2 price. well, i deduced she was jewish and had involvement in post WW2 europe. got a convention envelope. still need to look through that. and a fabric east europe map from 1942. soldiers map? that would be cool. now if i only i knew what that one kitchen thing is. maybe for making something jewish.

then there was the old lutheran women movie to a 'home'. icky house in a high end neighborhood, but nice goodies. can't beat a very old toaster for $3.50. the buttons and another 40's umbrella were great too. 1/2 the buttons crap, but ooh, the 2 faux opal ones are worth it!

but the coolest was tuesdays. a big duplex that used to have a bakery/cafe on the first floor that closed in 1941. oh man. talk about time travel. 1st! the oven-coal fired so baby that sucker was BIG. and the two 30's era dough mixers. and deeper in around a door, a 1900 era dough mixer. now that was neat. and i got a scrap book that had a photo of the stove when it was new. and who knows the little bakelite palm trees with elephant that was 25ยข may be a ebay star. because you never know.
shit. i love treasure hunts.

jeez, everytime i get on the internet, they wanna give me relationship advise. or sex advise.
hmmm, no wonder computers are porn loaders.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

30 more Bush weeks to go
30 Bush weeks to go
9/11 say no saaddam and al qaeda
but but but they MUST!
30 more Bush weeks to go

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