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Friday, June 11, 2004

try again?
i will miss hesiod greatly. his puns, his history lessons. sigh. i really think he is irreplacable.
Corrente of course is too, but in a completely different way. and of course atrios.

sigh. good times.

farethee well hesiod.

damn. blogger ate my hesiod post.

i wish i was willing to try at least to link hesiod. I will miss him most of all scarecrow.
farethee well.
even if he only posts once a day. i hope he comes back refreshed.

well, it looks like i was right. the Reagasm DID make the chimp look bad in comparison. saw a poll somewhere and he went down.
sweet sweet sweet.

i still say no matter how the chimp idolized RR. HE is president now, so HE should get the attention. and all eyes were on RR's box instead of his G8 pajama party. and georgie tried ever so hard too. even schmoozed that french guy.

is it over? can i come out now? can i watch teevee? is NPR back to actual news?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

more goodies from the 1903 EB. ben franklin spent around 7 years in france, getting money for the revalution. and did he get $. 27 MILLION(?) franks in 1700's was not chump change.
so all you war monkeys, forget the WW2 call that the french would be speaking german if not for US, if not for THEM, we would have QE2 on our money.

32 more Bush weeks to go
32 Bush weeks to go
reagan has died
georgie makes him look good.
32 more Bush weeks to go.

dammit, i was sure i typed dammit. better get the cat hair out of the keyboard.

Monday, June 07, 2004

ammit. i was sure i typed snippet.

i almost forgot this sippet from the 1903 EB. Ben Franklin WAS the elvis of his age. and i am talking the thin elvis.even in europe. in paris in 1777, he could not walk outdoor without being recognised, and he didn't even have paperatzi!

grrrrrrr. i am DYING of ron reagan luv. christ the stoopid people in america. BLEGH.
but on a good note SYBIL finally got junk mail AND address labels. SWEET!
it is too bad basil's labels are soooo lame. i don't think he will donate to the humane society.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

i hated RR. always did. heck, the kids in my LUTHERAN PAROCHIAL school 8th grade class cheered when we heard he was shot.BUT i have to admit, he looks a SHITLOAD better than the chimp AND he at least looked and sounded presidential, and wasn't a total embarrassment to us.
nixon is also lookin way better.
heck, i bet historians are warming up to Harding and Grant.

and on that note, today i found a complete set of messages and papers of the presidents. published in 1913. i already had about 8 of the set. too bad it wasn't a set of 1903 EB.

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