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Saturday, May 29, 2004

discovered some very interesting stuff in the EB on ben frnaklin. he was in englad on some colony issues in 1750 and war was considered between england and france again. and the colonies in america and canada were issues. ben F. always the instigator wrote an pamphlet? under a psuedonym saying that if england sold canad which had been proposed, england would not be able to hold onto the colonies in america and that idea was kaiboshed.
ben had some very big butterfly wings.

also in the Phillip's Bush dyNASTY book. George bush the 'better' we see his early grasping for the big brass white house early in his career. and this desire later infected his spawn. and that aparently george has his MOTHER's sarcastic tongue, while jeb is more thoughtful.
so of course the fucking returdicans foist the idiot spawn on us.

jeez where's the spell check button.
i really gotta check before i hit print.

pansy still is bitching about the little interlopers. but this morning sybil and pansy were at the foot of my bed but to but. AAND touching. and pansy was not growling. but this morning as we, pansy and i were eating a creuller, pansy started growling and i hadn't seen a kitten and told her to shut up, then i noticed sybil was playing with pansy's tail. with a dirty little look on her face too. i'll get you yet! what a little stinker she is. must be the maine coon in her. funny that her blood is the same as basil's and he ain't that way. he is pushy though.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

via corrente and MJS-the bushevics ar underpans gnomes!

went to an estate sale. getting there 20 minutes before closing always rocks. not that there was that much. did get od frames for stretchers and a nice cozy sweater. and books. nice 1903 bio books. well, they would have been REAL NICE, but they had them in the damp basement by a window that leaked. that is just deplorable. it always amazes me.
i love books. i started buying old books just because. i bought 5 of a larger set of the complete presidential paper from washington to think pierce or so, can't remember. i may never read them, but they are cool. i bout a decameron becaause of the racy deco illustrations and then i read it(my first estate sale book read) and it was wonderful. i had managed to buy one of the best translations. lucky me. liked it so much, hen i came upon an older edition -1898? i bought that one too. i got studs terkel's the good war and THAT book was 10 times better than the brokaw drivel. and then there's the old encyclopedia brittanicas. which never cease to amuse me. and on and on they go. some i sell, most i keep. most sales have no books or just a couple and i just do not understand it. then you hit one that has a mother lode. i will never ver forget Jack Frost and his massive beautiful collection. which probably was more his father's. now i have a large portion of what they had. and the key. i spotted it the 2nd day and hoped hoped it would be there the last. and it was. yea! 1/2 off! no, cheaper than $1.50! and little did i know how old it was. hmm, what if it's medieval! heck 1500 would be cool. and then you found out. ROMAN!!! and a damned fine one at that. and i hold it as it must have been centeries ago and little by little, more bronze is revealed. cool. just cool.

where was i?

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

had an estate sale in a very upscale area, although these ranches were older and not as grand as some. but sometimes they can be good. and the estate company is one i usually find things at. he seems to handle the lower end stuff. BUT i did find a very old cast iron cherry pitter. good thing the check out lay is closing in on elderly and could tell me what the hell it was. and a small bust of winston churchill. ebay? and a ebayable pot and some wooden napkin rings for ebay. 1 bird and i think the rest are rabbits, bt 1 might be a pig. no, i guess it is a rabbit. looks kinda vicious though. i think at $2 i may just keep that cherry pitter. maybe check to see what i could get.

we have had plenty of rain the last week or so and as i sat down to pute this evening, the sun is finally out albei setting and a fucking adorable baby god-damned garden menace rabbit was munching grass in the neighbor's yard. now, i hates rabbit and they eat stuff we don't want them to. but dammit. it was so cute.

34 more Bush weeks to go
34 Bush weeks to go
fall down go boom
abu ga rape
34 more Bush weeks to go

Monday, May 24, 2004

yesterday, we had a family do for a belated mother's day at my great-aunt's in west bend, WI. she is 92 and and a 5 times married woman with no kids of her own, but an auntie to many.
well, she was a character yesterday, and i will share her best bits.in refernence to some people who were very busy, she called them dancing farts.
did not know that farts could dance.
then as my brother was semi-dozing on her love seat while sitting next to his 'girlfriend'? come on steve, fess up?-she asked him if he was having wet dreams.
oh my.
it was an amusing afternoon indeed. but i must say, the prime rib was not that great. much better onion rings.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

1st-i did do dishes, but not all of them. i never get all of them done. then there is my laundry.

on georgie's latest 'fall down-go boom', why was his 'pesonal physician' along for the ride. why does he HAVE a personal doc?

and back to my 1903 ecyclopedia. there are 12 pages on Ben Franklin. well, it is the american edtion. but i came across a pertinent quote. when the brits and french were about to go to war and seeing there were french on america's soil, ben came up with a defense plan to keep the brit in england, BUT the americans and brits nixed the plans when he was off somewhere and here is what he said(oh, the plan showed we didn't need england)-
'but such mistakes are not news; history is full of the errors of states and princes. those who govern, having much business on their hands, do not generally like to take the trouble of considering and carrying into execution new projects. the best public measures are therefore seldom adopted from previous wisdom, but forced by occasion."

can you IMAGINE what he would be saying about the chimp???

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