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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

well, yesterday i did a very small good deed. 2 baby birds fell out of the bird nest in the upstairs porch AGAIN. the bird house hole didn't help anymore. one baby was dead, but i took the other one back to the nest. i hate english sparrows. maybe i should have let the kittens eat it, but it was so sad. demanding food. naked and all.

also on bird stuff. the other day while on the puter, i say a ratty plastig bag fly into the chain fence next door. well, a bird was taking it somewhere. stupid bird kept trying to take it through the fence instead of over the fence. he did give up.

hopefully the crows take care of the dead baby bird. and we definately have to block up the porch this year. no more nest!

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

the Bush pestilence is getting damned near unembearable. PMS never helps. GOD, the idiot George is so hard to take. what the fuck is wrong with america????

take one Iraqqi, piss on him too.........

37 more Bush weeks to go
37 Bush weeks to go
piles of naked iraqqis
sadaam rape rooms?
37 more Bush weeks to go.

Monday, May 03, 2004

an agle in Norway carried of a bear cub 1/2 it's weight. that is a badass eagle!

i had a very good fortune cookie for the week. Confuscious say-showoff always shown up in showdown.
lets hope this applies to george.

another goody from Kevin Plillips
by 1997,a considerable # of the big donars, business and financial magnates, powerrful lobbyists, and Republican hierarchs who had supported his father were concluding that with george W.bush matured 6 years as guv of texas, they could PREEMPT the republican nomination in 2000.

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