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Saturday, May 01, 2004

a little snippet from kevin phillips' book-american dynasty.

after george stepped stones with his dad's skull and bones friends george's failling oil company was absorbed by Harken...Harken would turn out to have links to Saudi money, CIA-conncted Filipinos, the Harvard endowment, the emir or Barain, and BCCI(bank of credit and commerce international).
but the media whores didn't feel this needed investigation.

an e-pal of mine requested that i watch frontline and george's born again experience.
BLEGH. but here are my impressions other than that isn't my christianity.

why are there only MEN at the CBS-community bible study? just a heard of white middle aged penis people. WHAT IS THIS? PROMISE KEEPERS?!?

and why did george adopt a fucking TEXAS accent just for his NATIONAL race??? didn't sound as mush mouth when he ran for congress.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

late, i am late!

38 more Bush weeks to go,
38 Bush weeks to go
tweeleDUM and tweedledee
answer about 9/11
38 more Bush weeks to go

Monday, April 26, 2004

i forgot to mention that last week i went to an estate sale of a man who had been in the polish resistence in WW2. sigh. i wish there had been something more personal for me to buy, but mot was crap and how can unbrellas be personal? by the way, the BEST umbrellas ever were made in the late 40's-50's. wood handles and bakelite handles. twice as many spines and most were shorter so you could easily put them in a bag.
although i did get a bad ring with a huge piece of amber or plastic and the did seem baltic.

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