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Saturday, April 24, 2004

yesterday, when i went to an estate sale companies leftover shop(where ugly recliners and art goes to die), in the expenive and shopliftables display case they had little tags -old- with embossed styff and they had one with democrat Party, with a donkey and under it-the party that is there for the poor.
they also had one for republicans, with an elephant. which ALSO apparently is there for the poor.
let's just say i made a derisive noise.

also yesterday on ATC when doing the story about the coffin pics. they said the coffins also had soldiers killed in Afganistan and the columbia astronauts.

astronauts? ASTRONAUTS??? why would astronauts be on that plane???

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

39 more Bush weeks to go
39 Bush weeks to go
crazy tie at the
'news' conferance
39 Bush weeks to go

new words to remember-troglarightians and my own testostemaroons or testostemorons.

Monday, April 19, 2004

and while i like the new dumbells on the DU's key, they need one for the term 'stoopid' and/or maroon. because sometimes dumb and stupid is just not strong enough.

i am beginning to think that freepers and bushies don't pay attention to what is going on, but see a loop of the sadaam statue coming down and sadaam's mouth being checked.
all else is fuzzy and doesn't compute.

well, i started the 1st chapter in the bush dyNASTY, and a interesting sketch of george H. W. bush personality was revealed. he has a playful side. loves games, an intense interest in games. rather an immatureness.
which has been taken to an extreme in his son who NEVER HAD TO GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR HIMSELF.

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