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Friday, April 16, 2004

i finally remembered! it was in our 'funnies section. the word game word was IMPEACH.
shit, even the funnies is hinting.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

i forgot one part of the coincidences. on the way to the 2nd sale, i drove past the george fennimore cooper grade school.

i was gonna write something else, but now i forgot it. i really need to write shit down.

i do estate sales and today was a spectacular instance of syncronisity? coinckidinks?
1st house was a 100 year old woman's bungalow in a now black neighborhood near where i used to live. in the attic i found an old 1920'S? teens? a littlee fancy copy of cooper's last of the mohicans. i would have bought it, but the front cover was 'broken' bent.
then i go to the south side and it is a ranch-blegh, but the owners either were collectors or inherited stuff. and in a box in the basement i find more old books AND a same printing copy of cooper's last of the mohicans-with a broken front cover. in like the same spot.

and i think the 1st lady was the first mormon household i have been in. mormons? in milwaukee?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

here's a little snippit from the 1903 encyc brit.
Dr Francia, who was a Paraguan dictator in the 1800's was quite brutal on the catholic church. when mentioning priests, he said, 'what are they good for? they make us believe more in the devil than in God.'

i wonder if he had been an altar boy.

40 more Bush weeks to go
40 Bush weeks to go
fa la la lu jah
war preznit fishing
40 more Bush weeks to go

any chance that george could take a vaction in the ME?

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