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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

i am FINALLY done ready the history of france in my 1903 encyclopedia. that was a long slug.
but now i gotta find danish kings one by one. damn those things are heavy.

now, pansy has NOT been happy that 2 little beasties have invaded HER SPACE. and they use HER litter box. BAD BABIES!!! well, the other night while she and i were in the kitten/puter room and the kittens were elsewhere, pansy took a big step. she peed in their box!i was SO proud of her. and you shoulda seen the look on her face.
i swear she was saying nyah nyah.

ok, i am late

41 more Bush weeks to go
41 Bush weeks to go
force george to the ground
stomp him down
41 more bush weeks to go

am i the only on who noticed the fallujah rhymes with halleluia?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

WTF?!? WTF??? i just go to CNN to do the poll and it's about the gas prises and the choices are production cuts or ENVIRONMENTAL RULES??? is this a intelligence test? no box for security in the ME? no box for profiteering? no box for not enough conservation?

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