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Friday, April 02, 2004

a little news item in today's paper just struck me. In Irving, TEXAS, a gate at a sewage plant forced 70 millions of raw sewage into a river. the shit flow sent at least 8 manhole covers skyward and shit geysers at least 4 feet and closed part of a golfcourse and park.

so that's where all of george's shit has been hiding.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

mini rant-5 soldiers are killed in iWaq, contractors are killed and gruesomely misstreated post attack, and CNN's poll is about dog's and their 'owners'???

BUT, main goodie from my 1903 encyc France hostory which i have like 1 and 1/2 pages left.

it is about 1860 and france is under emperor bonaparte and they are about to start a war with prussia.
-Bonapartists refuses the good offices of the other states of europe(sound familiar?); In shameful ignorance of the truth, they declared that everything was ready. "five times ready", ready to "the last gairter-button"(body armor anyone?)-and were eager to begin.
and he did this with NO ALLIES.

and later- emperor UNFIT to command and a MERE incumberance. and the french had neither strategy in detail or a plan definate of campaign.

maybe history is a GOOD thing.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

well, i have started to read Kevin Phillips book on the Bush dyNASTY, because i felt that was more important right now than reading the encyclpodias.
and it was a ood decision. even the intro had goodies atht if perchance ANYBODY reads my pitiful blog.(i can't afford a blog with bells and whistles amd i am to lazy anyways)

so, in the preface i underlined (pencil!)-Richard Nixon's dislike of bush I's eletist economics leaped out in an ndorsement Nixon made] [Ron Reagan had personal qualms about his running mate that some say he never lost.....john connelly and ross perot were both disdainful of Bush I.

by the way i aint fixin any typos.

....there is a republican party dangerously dominated by southern fundamentalist + evangelical consituancies, willing to blend biblical theology into US middle eastern policy and attatch faith healers to the advisory structure of the US FDA

oops. this stuff got mixed up. but it's iin the preface or intro.

....Families restored to power also have a h=istory of seeking REVENGE AGAINST OLD FOES AS WELL AS RECALLING LONGTIME LOYALISTS AND RETAINERS.

(do i need to elucidate people we should know by nicnames?)
...Newt(bush helped force him out after the 98 elections) and appointed former officials dating back not just to his fathers term, but to the ford administration of 74-76,a VIRTUAL INCUBATOR of the republican party's bush faction.

..."the Bush men were always startlingly better than anyone else at memorising names."(marlin fitzwater)
pa and son... have shown little talent for conceptualization or abstraction.
...they are bending public policy toward FAMILY GRUDGES AND INTERESTS.(emph mine)

42 more Bush weeks to go
42 bush weeks to go
Clarke has revealed
what Condi want to hide
42 more Bush weeks to go

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